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Russia Colocation Services

colocationRussia has many data centers that can be used for colocation purposes, and as you would imagine, most these are in and around Moscow. However, Saint Petersburg has quite a few as well. The rest of the facilities are in other areas throughout Russia. The following are some of the colocation data centers that might appeal to you and your company.


This is a carrier neutral facility located in Moscow. It received the Russian Data Center Award in 2015, and it meets the highest international standards. The facility also offers flexibility so that it can adapt to meet the needs of the customer. Customers can choose from various power ranges from 2kW per rack to 20kW per rack. It is a highly secure facility, as well. It features office space, suites, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, dedicated servers, virtual servers, remote hands, and hosting for individual servers.

Linxdatacenter Moscow

This Moscow facility is carrier neutral, and it offers 2,500-square meters of space for the Tier 2 and Tier 3+ services. It features an uninterrupted power supply, technical supports, and quality climate control to keep the temperatures just right. They have fire security, perimeter security, and CCTV with round the clock recording. In addition to colocation, other services provided by the center include hosting, managed services, business continuity and disaster recovery, server monitoring, installation support, and more. They have remote hands, footprints, office space, suites, cages, rack cabinets, hosting for individual servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers.


This company started in 2007 and has become a reliable and modern data center that utilizes quality technology for colocation, data storage, and more. The building is 2,000-square meters and can hold up to 550 server cabinets. The dedicated electric power is 3MW, and it features uninterrupted power. Large clients can even lay their own fiber optic cables. The facility features office space, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, remote hands, virtual servers, dedicated servers, and hosting for individual servers.


AviaPark is located in Moscow, and it offers customers a colocation data center that is carrier neutral. The data center features uninterrupted power, an air conditioning system, and an automatic firefighting system and alarms. They have technical maintenance available around the clock, 24hr access, and 24/7 security. For further security measures, they have access control, as well as an intrusion alarm. AviaPark offers suites, cages, remote hands, virtual servers, dedicated servers, footprints, rack cabinets, and hosting for individual servers.

Gorelovo Data Center

Gorelovo Data Center is in St. Petersburg, and it is a carrier neutral colocation data center that has been operating since 1997. They can provide a wide range of different services for those who need them for networking and the Internet. The facility offers office space, suites, cages, footprints, remote hands, rack cabinets, hosting for individual servers, virtual servers, and dedicated servers.

Russia has a robust number of colocation data centers from which you can choose, and there should be something that will work well for your company’s needs. Call QuoteColo today for a free quote and so we can help with your colocation needs.