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Posted by QuoteColo on August 19, 2014 - Updated on March 08, 2016

Carlstadt Data Center is one of the pioneers in the field of cloud computing. The company, based in San Francisco, has a number of different products today, but they made their name on their CRM – customer relationship management – products. They have always been a company that prides itself on innovation, and Forbes actually named the company one of the most innovative companies in the United States. The thing that makes them so innovative today is partially the fact that they embraced the cloud before many of their contemporaries did.

What Types of Products Do They Offer? 

The basic concept behind the product offers from is to combine all of a company’s various sales tools and information and make it readily available through the cloud to everyone who needs the information and software. This means that people can access the software and information from just about anywhere that has an Internet connection, ultimately making the job of sales, customer service, marketing, and more far easier and faster for everyone in the company.

The company offers a variety of different types of cloud services that cover the above areas and more, so businesses will have to consider just what they need. Many choose to start out small, or to use the trials first. Then, they will be able to see what they need and will be able to choose how much they need to buy.

The five categories of products from 

  • Sell
  • Service
  • Market
  • Build/Innovate
  • Collaborate

They offer three products in the “Sell” category – Sales Cloud,, and Sales Cloud is a sales automation and customer relationship management tool, and is one of their most popular products. is a sales performance management tool, and offers business to business prospecting as well as data cleansing.

In the “Service” category, they offer Service Cloud and Service Cloud is a help desk for support the user is able to customize. is a customer support tool that’s a great option for many small businesses. It has a wealth of different tools to make customer management far easier.

The “Market” products offered from include Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Pardot. The former is for email, social, mobile, and website marketing, while Pardot is a tool used to automate business-to-business automation.

The tool under their “Build/Innovate” category is Salesforce1 Platform, a cloud application development tool. Within “Collaborate”, they offer Salesforce Communities and Salesforce Chatter. Communities is a tool that allows customers, partners, and employees to connect with one another, while Salesforce Chatter is an enterprise social network. These tools help to bring the company together as much as possible.

Tiers of Service Based on Your Need 

One of the nice things about the cloud is the fact that it becomes much easier for customers to choose exactly the “amount” of the service they need. They can upscale their service if they find they need more than anticipated as well. It’s important to understand that the company has a dizzying array of different options available through their site, and each has a different price point. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular of those options.

It’s important to note that each of these has annual billing.

  • Sales Cloud – For the Content Manager category, it starts at $5 a month per user. Group costs $25 a month, Professional is $65 per month, Enterprise is $125 per month, and Performance is $300 a month.
  • Service Cloud – costs $30 per month per user. Service Cloud offers three tiers – Professional at $65 a month, Enterprise at $135 a month, and Performance at $300 a month.

These are some of the most popular offerings from, but it’s just the beginning. The company realizes that some businesses have unique needs, as well, and their needs may not fit neatly into the offerings and categories they currently offer. Fortunately, it is possible for companies to contact and to try to set up unique bundles that will work especially for them.

Naturally, each of these various options offers different levels of service and features. With the amount offered, and the sheer number of companies and business types that may want to use the services, the best option is to visit the site and compare and contrast those features to find just what your business needs.

Why Choose the Cloud Over Other Options? 

The cloud is more than a mere buzzword. It’s how we’re getting all types of different information, entertainment, software, and more today, and it’s full of benefits. It makes it possible to have a single account accessible by more than one computer, for starters, and that’s one of the reasons that the products from have really been so popular. It’s possible to monitor and work from your business, while you are on a business trip, and home, and more. It makes it easier to manage many different aspects of the company, and businesses of all sizes are finding that the cloud offers a ton of benefits with the software as a service options.

Give the Trial a Workout First 

When you visit their site and look at their product offerings to compare the different tiers and features, you will notice that they offer potential customers the ability to try it free. It’s always a good idea to try any type of software that you can before you actually buy. Put it through its paces and make sure it is able to provide you with the type of service you need. This lets you know whether it is the right option for you or not.

Countless people swear by the help that is able to provide their company. However, you need to make sure it is right for your business.

They Offer Training 

One of the other nice things about the company is that they really seem to want to make sure their customers are using their tools and getting the most out of them. To help with that, they offer training. Since the products can be a bit hard to understand when one first starts using them, having a trainer who can go through the basics and the advanced features is helpful.

The company claims that customers trained by have a 52% higher adoption rate than those who don’t have training. It’s possible to train those using the product in a classroom setting virtually, which is generally the best option for most companies. They have classes led via a virtual instructor, as well as online courses users can go through at their leisure. In addition, they can even have their staff go to your company and conduct an in person class.

Right for You? 

Is the cloud software right for you or not? Software as a service has great potential, and is one of the companies leading the way in this field. Their software is a great choice for many different types of businesses out there today, both large and small thanks to the way you can scale the service. However, the only way to determine whether it is something your company will need right now is really to take the time to peruse the features and give the trial a go.

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