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Server Space Rental

Server Space Rental
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Rent Server Space


Renting server space comes in a variety of option.

  • Cloud/Virtual – rent server space on a VPS, multi tenant or private cloud.
  • Dedicated – rent server space on a dedicated or bare metal server.
  • Colocation – rent rack space, power and bandwidth for your own server.

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Rent Cloud Server Space

Well known cloud hosts such as Amazon and Azure offer multi-tenant starter server space starting at $3 a month for 5Gb of storage. Regional cloud providers offer private and public server cloud space at similar rates along with a local presence and customer service.


Rent Dedicated Server Space

A dedicated server is a physical computer that a single client rents on a month basis. 100% of the server’s processors, ram and hard drive are dedicated for that client. Dedicated server space pricing starts at/around $55/month.


Rent Colocation Server Space

Client provides the server and the colocation provider supplies the rack, power and Internet bandwidth. Client has remote access such as a VPN and the colocation provider offers remote hands/eyes. 1U, 2Amps 110v power and 10Mbps starts at $50/month.


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