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Should You Consider a Dedicated Server for Your Business?

Posted by QuoteColo on July 08, 2014 - Updated on March 03, 2016

edison colocationMost businesses today know just how important it is to have a strong and reliable online presence when it comes to their customer service, as well as marketing and sales. Quite often, businesses today are starting to rely more and more on their sites as a source – perhaps even the primary source – of revenue. Having a high quality and reliable web server is therefore essential. While there are many different options today when it comes to servers, one of the ones that many businesses are starting to consider is the dedicated server. It might be a good idea for your own business.

What Are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a physical server, and it has some similarities with shared servers. The only real difference is that, in this case, the server belongs to just one customer. All of the assets of that server go toward your business. These could be a good option for some businesses, but they are not necessary for some. Let’s look at what might make your business a good candidate for dedicated servers.

If your business is growing quickly, and it is your main source of income, then you want the very best for it. That means one of these servers is likely a much better option for you than a shared server would be. Consider how much business you might lose in the event of any downtime you might suffer. If you need better support, as well as backups, then finding a quality company that is able to offer dedicated server hosting is a good idea.

What Makes the Dedicated Server a Good Option?

Now, consider the benefits that these types of servers could offer your business. First, even when you have a large amount of traffic, or a spike in traffic, such as you might experience around the holidays, you will not have to worry about your site slowing down or not responding. Your customers will always be able to get onto the site, and they will be able to do so quickly.

They also happen to have better customer support, as well as security in most cases. Since your company will be the only one on the server, there is no danger that something could happen to another company that affects your site, as could happen with shared hosting. Those who use these servers also have the ability to upgrade and expand their service as the site grows and needs more.

The only reason that some people are hesitant about choosing these types of servers is the cost. They are technically superior to the other types of services out there, but they do have a higher cost. However, those companies that rely on their site for their business and their income find that the added cost is well worth it. Still, it’s possible to find a number of providers that are able to offer services that are affordable enough for many companies to use. Those who can’t yet afford the option might want to choose cloud or shared hosting first, and then upgrade to a dedicated server later. Also, consider the contract terms. Some hosts might have longer contracts that have cheaper agreements that are more in line with your budget.

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