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  • Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office 365 for Business

    Last Updated: September 29, 2014

    In the past, having the right pieces of software was essential for business, just as it is today. However, getting and installing the software on all of the computers in the business was a time consuming and costly process. Cloud computing has helped to change this substantially. Many businesses today are gravitating to Microsoft Office […]

  • How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Mom and Pop’s Shop

    Last Updated: September 24, 2014

                With cloud computing, facilities based on the web and in a virtual environment can help any number of businesses with a variety of different needs. They can help large businesses as well as those smaller mom and pop shops that everyone thought the Internet was going to destroy. Many […]

  • 4 Must Have Computing Applications For Business Owners

    Last Updated: September 18, 2014

                  It is possible to improve your business through the utilization of cloud computing applications. They allow businesses large and small to run a host of different types of business software and apps on the network, and there are many different styles and types of apps available. The following […]

  • How Cloud Computing Helps Law Enforcement in the USA

    Last Updated: September 16, 2014

                All around the country, law enforcement agencies are starting to look to cloud computing as a means to improve their overall operations and management. The benefits that the cloud is able to offer traditional businesses can carry over quite nicely into police departments of all sizes. According to recent […]

  • Dangers of Cloud Computing Services for Children

    Last Updated: September 15, 2014

                Parents always want to keep their children as safe as possible, and part of that safety comes from taking extra precautions when it comes to the things children can and cannot do while online. This is a new world for parents though, as when they were younger, the technology […]