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  • The Information of Cloud Pt. 3: Who To Trust?

    Last Updated: May 14, 2014

    In “The Information of Cloud Pt. 2: Who to Trust?” we ended with a question: With a level playing field, how should consumers know what VPS Cloud solutions content on Twitter to trust and which to pass by? It’s a good question. More than ever, Twitter is becoming one of two things: –         A social […]

  • The Information of Cloud Pt. 2: Who To Trust?

    Last Updated: May 13, 2014

    In “The Information of Cloud Pt. 1: Who to Trust?” we ended with a question: If a company invests heavily in SEO strategy, SEM strategies and keyword rich web hosting content production, does that alone prove the reliability of their Cloud hosting platform? The answer is no. Although SEO and SEM practices have evolved over […]

  • The Optics of Cloud Hosting Support

    Last Updated: May 09, 2014

    When it comes to web hosting, Cloud hosting, colocation and dedicated server management, the optics of a providers’ support channel matters. In terms of Cloud hosting, many providers like Linode, RackSpace,, Solar VPS etc. offer various forms of Cloud hosting support however the plans offered vary. Beyond price points and supported technical issues, the […]

  • Cloud Basics: Understanding OpenStack Pt. 1

    Last Updated: May 06, 2014

    If you are in the Cloud business, are a Cloud Computing consumer or have been making the rounds at various virtualization and web hosting tradeshows, you have most likely heard about OpenStack. These days, no matter where you look in the Cloud community, Openstack is all the rage. But what is OpenStack? What is OpenStack? […]

  • Streaming Television From the Cloud

    Last Updated: May 01, 2014

    We have laid off on this topic for some time because, in all honesty, we have been waiting for the right time. For the past few years, like the rest of the Internet going public, we have fallen in love with Internet/Cloud based content streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. For our money, Cloud […]