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Posts Tagged ‘cloud computing’

  • 5 Reasons Why Not Using Cloud Computing Is Insane

    Last Updated: April 02, 2014

    Maybe you’re part of a persistent bunch of late to technology adopters. Maybe you hear the word Cloud and you immediately think of rainstorms and hail. Or maybe you are just late to the party. Whatever your reason for not using Cloud Computing solutions, we have to admit, your actions border on insanity. Here’s why. […]

  • 2014 Private Cloud Adoption and Portability

    Last Updated: April 01, 2014

    Looked at from a security standpoint, the Cloud isn’t that safe. We’ve mentioned it in this space before. From Cloud based social networks like Linkedin, to Cloud based email platforms like Gmail and Cloud based applications like Angry Birds, public Cloud infrastructures have proved to be anything but safe. We’ve mentioned it here before but […]

  • Cloud Computing is in its Infancy

    Last Updated: March 31, 2014

    If you could name the best thing about Cloud solutions, what would it be? Would it be the ability of the Cloud to scale to consumer need? Would it be the ability of Cloud servers to provide virtualized resources at a cheap price? How about the instant data access from anywhere in the world with […]

  • Cloud Security Concerns, API’s

    Last Updated: March 13, 2014

    For anyone in the IT industry and for any business looking to utilize a Cloud hosting platform, security is always of paramount concern. The basic problem of Cloud Computing security is as follows: web developers and programmers are tasked with creating Cloud applications and mobile applications which allow the public to connect and utilize a […]

  • Disputing Three Trends in Cloud Computing

    Last Updated: March 12, 2014

    Recently, our friends over at CircleID published an article titled “7 Major Current Trends in Cloud Computing”. The article, written by John Grady, covers IT topics from Hybrid Clouds, to Big Data Analytics, to BYOD and Graphics as a Service (GaaS?). While we tend to agree with the core concept of the post, the truth […]

  • A Guide to Picking Your Cloud Storage Provider

    Last Updated: March 11, 2014

    Where to begin. If you are the average consumer, you probably have a vague or basic idea of what Cloud storage is and maybe you know some of the providers. Even with a vague understanding, we are sure you have heard about Dropbox. Everyone knows Dropbox. Whether you use it or not is a wholly […]