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  • Data Centers Have Tiers? Yes, Data Centers Have Tiers.

    Last Updated: July 29, 2016

    When you invest in colocation, VPS, dedicated servers or hosting solutions of any kind, you’re investing money in the hosting firm and the data center which they operate out of. But here is the thing each data center is not created equally and each hosting firm doesn’t operate out of the same level data center. […]

  • 5 benefits of data center direct cloud connections

    5 Benefits of Data Center Direct Cloud Connections

    Last Updated: September 03, 2014

    Zayo Telecom which operates 29 US based data centers in major US cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, etc., recently introduced a “Connect to the Cloud Program.” The service allows major data center operators and their clients to connect directly with the largest cloud networks such as Amazon AWS, Softlayer and Rack Space. The Connect to the […]

  • Smart Buying Tips for Colocation Services

    Last Updated: June 30, 2014

    Many businesses today are starting to find that data center colocation really can provide them with quite a few benefits, including a more reliable online experience for them and their site visitors. As the desire to work with these types of companies grows, the number of options available grows alongside it, and this can make […]

  • Many Banks Starting to Use Colocation

    Last Updated: June 26, 2014

    Today, many different types of companies are dismissing the idea of having their own servers on their premises, and with good reason. It can simply be too much work, too much of a hassle when things go wrong, and too costly with the need to hire additional IT personnel. Choosing to use a data center […]

  • Mastering Data Center Lingo

    Last Updated: May 30, 2014

    Part of the appeal of hosting with a large scale data center provider is the ability to access that data center to perform maintenance on your colocation, web hosting or Cloud server solutions. This said, for anyone new to the data center colocation world, you can get lost easily in the mix of short hand […]

  • The Importance of Data Center Redundancy

    Last Updated: April 28, 2014

        Here at QuoteColo, we spend a lot of time writing about and talking to clients about the right IT solution for their needs. Our readers and clients know we spend a lot of time providing detailed information on Cloud hosting, colocation, data center security, managed hosting services and dedicated servers.   While we […]