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  • North American & Global Data Center Financial Investments Pt 1

    Last Updated: March 05, 2014

    If you weren’t a believer in the global DataCenter industry, it’s time you hopped on the wagon. A steadily growing industry, recent financial figures have shown the upward growth in global and North American Data Center since 2011. The recent figures highlight a $4 billion growth in data center services through Canada, the United States […]

  • Colocation and Data Centers Have An Energy Problem

    Last Updated: January 10, 2014

    Here at, we are firm believers in the colocation, web hosting, Cloud hosting, managed dedicated server and data center industry. We firmly believe colocation and data centers make the IT needs of companies around the world much easier and more affordable. In short, we love everything about colocation web hosting. Due to our passion […]

  • Data Center Fire Suppression

    Last Updated: December 05, 2013

    Whether you are investing in a colocation data center facility or whether you are the hosting company running the data center web hosting facility, colocation data center fire suppression systems are needed. At this moment, you are thinking, colocation centers’ fire suppression system? That’s simple, let’s install some wet pipes or some pre-action/dry pipes, mount […]

  • What Are The Main Components of a Data Center?

    Last Updated: December 04, 2013

    If you are new to web hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud hosting or colocation solutions, you are invariably new to the world of data centers. Before we get into what makes a data center a data center, we need to explain what a data center is and how they impact your colocation web hosting services. A […]

  • The Need For Data Center Replication

    Last Updated: November 08, 2013

    Be warned: This will be a rant. Here at QuoteColo we love everything about data center technologies, we love everything about dedicated servers, Cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers, VPS hosting and colocation. We are colocation nerds who love nothing more than a debate over the cool air management system in place to handle the load […]