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Takeaways from Bitmains 4th Crypto Mining Forum in California

Posted by QuoteColo on October 18, 2019 - Updated on October 18, 2019

Takeaways from Bitmain’s 4th Crypto Mining Forum in California

Many people have been interested in exactly what would be discussed at the 4th Crypto Mining Forum that took place in Los Angeles California in early September 2019. This was a full-day event based around cryptocurrency mining, particularly for miners working in the North Central South America regions. The Forum was hosted by Bitmain, one of the biggest and most respected companies making mining equipment. Since Bitmain was the host of the event, there was a focus on how their company was able to provide services for their customers.

Better Support, New Miners, and More

Bitmain was also showcasing some of their new resources, and many of the people who were attending could network with others and share ideas about the mining community and the future of crypto mining. Attendees the event were also able to see many keynote speeches and panel discussions, many of which delved into the area of mining optimization.

During one of the speeches, the Managing Director of Marketing, Sales, & Service for Bitmain talked about the mining system that Bitmain has set up. He explored their ability to provide support for miners who worked with them from start to finish. He mentioned how they not only offered machines that can be purchased but also how they provided a range of benefits for the minters, such as services for hosting, and even financing.

Some of the most exciting news that came out of the forum, at least for most people who were there and those who were keeping an eye from a distance, was the announcement of new Antminer models. They announced that these models would be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Another one of the interesting discussions to have occurred at the forum was regarding fluctuations in cryptocurrency and how Bitmain was hoping to help their customers plan for those types of fluctuations. Another talk stressed the importance that having a better support system could help customers even after they have bought their miners and started to use them. To help with this, they promoted Ant Training Academy, which is a relatively new program.

They also addressed miner machine downtimes. One of the ways they will be dealing with this issue is to launch repair centers in the United States and other countries. This should help to make it faster and easier to have a miner repaired than it has been in the past. Naturally, this will mean less downtime for the customer.

There were talks on hosting services, financial services, and more, all geared toward helping to make the lives of the crypto miners easier and – hopefully – more profitable. There was also a discussion about what would be happening in the future with mining pools, as well as new services that would hopefully be rolled out in the future.

There is a lot to be excited about regarding the changes and improvements being made for customers through Bitmain.


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