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The Power of Cloud Applications

Posted by QuoteColo on January 13, 2014 - Updated on January 07, 2014

the power of cloud applications

For all the power of the Cloud, most consumers still have no idea what Cloud Computing is or how it works. Now, while the tech concepts behind the Cloud can be difficult to explain, for customer facing purposes, nothing is easier to explain than Cloud applications.

So, what are Cloud applications?

Cloud Applications Are…

Cloud applications are applications for market use powered by Cloud deployments. A great example of a Cloud application is WordPress. The virtual software is stored, housed and supported by Cloud architecture allowing for the function of WordPress to be applied as a customer facing application.

This deployment enables consumers to maximize use and function while also minimizing the amount of local resources needed to run the application.

On the flip side, Cloud applications increase the hosting companies load while also bringing in a higher level of revenue.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Now that you know what Cloud applications are, we need to talk about why Cloud Computing apps rock.

Cloud Apps Rock

When you think about Cloud apps, you should think about Amazon Prime. As you know, Amazon Prime functions on a single click ordering foundation with free shipping. While shipping has nothing to do with WordPress or Joomla Cloud applications, the one click installation process serves as the selling point.

Simply put, the Cloud application is built for the consumer who either doesn’t care to learn about tech or simply doesn’t have the time. Due to this, that consumer has no need to learn or spend time trying to figure out how to properly install WordPress or osCommerce on their Cloud server. This is where single click Cloud app installation comes in.

With single click Cloud application install, a consumer simply has to push one button –“Install Now” – to have a working WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, Magento etc. deployment. There is no messing about with figuring out how to install the application and there is no worrying about the technical bits of matching your Cloud app to the IP address you want.

One click and you are up and running. It’s that simple. This is why Cloud Applications rock.

Now we have to ask, if Cloud applications rock so much, why are so many providers either not offering Cloud Computing one click applications or why are so many Cloud hosting providers not marketing their Cloud apps?

Why Cloud Apps Haven’t Taken Hold

The truth is, Cloud applications haven’t taken hold over the general market simply because most providers haven’t taken the time to develop their infrastructure to support one click installation of various applications. Be it because the demand isn’t there yet (it is) or be it because providers view the solution as non-profitable, most Cloud hosting providers simply haven’t taken to developing the product and/or marketing it.

This said, for the companies who do offer Cloud applications with one click support, those companies offer excellent solutions. While we won’t get into the details, both and Solar VPS – noted Cloud server hosting providers – offer some variation of one click install Cloud applications. While both have different price points and both offer different applications, both providers do offer applications with one click support.

So, Should You Check Out Cloud Applications?

You should consider utilizing cloud applications if you aren’t the technical type, if you have no interest in learning how to install and host your own blog or if you have no need for a Cloud server without a powerful application.  Invest in Cloud applications now before they get too expensive!

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