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The World Has Its Head in the Cloud

Posted by QuoteColo on July 01, 2014 - Updated on June 25, 2014

Head In The CloudsOver the past several years, the concept of the cloud has been gaining traction with businesses and individuals alike. Some could see the benefits that it offered early on and they were sold on the idea of this type of hosting and service, but others were still on the fence. Still others knew so little about the cloud that they ignored it completely, fearing that it was nothing more than a fad that would eventually pass. Some are already using it to grow their business, and others continue to worry about potential problems with the cloud. Still, even those who “don’t use the cloud” might actually be using the cloud without realizing it, even if they don’t have a cloud host for their site.

Examples of the Cloud in the Everyday World

If you use sites such as Mozy to backup a computer, you are using the cloud. If you store files in a site such as Dropbox, then you are using the cloud. Even sending files to your own email address so you can be sure you have a backup is a form of using a cloud type service, since it is always available and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Many different services today utilize the cloud, so you may actually be a part of the cloud without knowing it. If you’ve used those types of services, then there is a good chance that you can see the benefits it offers.

One of the other things that you’ve possibly used is some type of software as a service. Again, this is becoming popular with both individuals and businesses. With this option, you don’t install the software on each computer in your company. Instead, you are using technology “in the cloud” and using the software that way. This type of service generally includes some type of monthly fee. One company that has become quite successful at this is Adobe. Instead of offering the physical sales of their products, they have a software as a service option.

Why Do People Worry?

While the cloud is popular and more are using cloud host options, others still worry. One of the biggest concerns that people have is in terms of the security of the site. They fear that it will not be able to keep their data safe, and they feel as though they have less control over their data. They also worry that they need to have an Internet connection to access the data. The truth is that some companies that offer hosting are not up to par when it comes to security. You do need to avoid those companies, but that’s true of nearly anything today. Some companies are better at their job than other companies are, and you need to work with those that offer you the best service and security, naturally.

When you choose to work with a cloud host, or any technology for that matter, take the time to see what it is able to offer and how it will benefit your business. Never choose something simply because others tell you it is a good idea, and never avoid a technology simply because you don’t know much about it. Educate yourself and see how it can help. Then, you can make a decision based on facts and your actual situation rather than hearsay and worry.

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