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Top 3 Cloud Video Surveillance Hosting Advantages

Posted by QuoteColo on October 23, 2014 - Updated on October 14, 2014

Top 3 Cloud Video Surveillance Hosting Advantages

As technology progresses and the cloud is becoming more than just a buzzword, we’re starting to see it affect many different areas of our world, and that includes the realm of video surveillance. The cloud can help to make surveillance much easier in a number of different ways, and it offers several distinct advantages over some of the traditional methods of recording and storing footage.

What Is Cloud Video Surveillance?

These types of systems connect all of the company’s cameras to a single system through the web and in the cloud. It can also allow for the storage of footage in the cloud, which allows the company to store far more of their footage than they would normally be able to do with a traditional onsite system, or a system of videotapes. Often, companies that still rely upon those outdated videotape systems simply reuse tapes, which can erase important information and even evidence in some cases. The cloud allows companies to have their footage stored without the continual need to buy more and more storage devices.

Advantage #1 – Better Costs

One of the primary advantages, and one that should appeal to a large number of companies, is the cost of the cloud video surveillance systems. While businesses still need to buy cameras, connecting them to the cloud can offer some great cost savings in surprising ways. It’s cheaper to store the data in the cloud for starters. Overall, there is far less of a need for a large initial investment, and this means that more companies, including those that did not feel they had the funds for a true security system, can get started.

Advantage #2 – Better Security

Security, in this case, has a dual meaning. Having security cameras and a surveillance system set up at the company provides security for employees and for equipment and products that you might have at the place of business, naturally. This is true of traditional security systems, as well.

However, when it comes to cloud video surveillance, the system offers another level of security. It ensures that the footage recorded is safe and secure, and that it is off premises. This means that no one can simply “take the tape” if they want to make footage vanish. It is secure in the cloud, and this provides that added bit of security that is important for so many companies today.

Advantage #3 – Ease of Entry

Another advantage to getting started with the video cloud surveillance is the fact that it’s possible to get the system up and running very quickly with little work on your part. The vendors who provide the services can take care of the setup, the technical issues that might arise, backup systems, and more. Since there is so little barring the point of entry for this type of system today, it makes it feasible for even relatively small companies to set up a quality surveillance system in relatively little time.

The preceding are the three top advantages of using video cloud surveillance today. Any company that has a need for security, which is most companies, really, should consider these and other benefits to using the cloud for surveillance video amongst other things. The cloud is changing the face of business in myriad ways, and it is important to keep up with all of those changes and to take advantage of them whenever possible.

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