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Top 5 Perth Colocation Providers in Australia

Posted by QuoteColo on January 03, 2018

Are you in the market for a colocation provider in Perth, Australia? More and more companies are choosing to utilize these data center providers, rather than relying on building a second data center for themselves. Thankfully, that means that there are a broad range of options out there. Today we’re going to look at the top five Perth colocation providers, so you have a great place to start on your journey.


CenturyLink is a well-known name in the IT world and they offer data centers that present services for businesses of any and all sizes. They are happy to provide a single cabinet or cage, but can also provide significant capacity options for a larger business. Perth is one of 60 data centers that CenturyLink offers across the globe.

It’s important to understand what kind of security is in place at the facility you choose, and CenturyLink offers a great system to ease your mind. They utilize a global security operations center that monitors every data center. In addition to that, each location has its own internal and external video cameras. Gas fire suppression systems are also included, along with fire alarms and heat detection systems.

The Perth facility is built completely of concrete and has 3,000 square meters of space. From this location they offer colocation along with other options like managed security, managed hosting, cloud, storage, and network solutions. Each of these is built to be flexible for any size of business and its needs.

DC West

DC West is an Australian based company that offers a number of technology based solutions and products for enterprises, big and small. This company has options for colocation, as well as cloud services, along with custom services courtesy of experienced engineers.

DC West is one of the newest additions to Perth where data centers are concerned, and provides space from 1RU all the way through to 42RU in both ½ and ⅓ lockable racks. They provide basic colocation solutions, along with managed and deployed solutions, and everything that falls in between. Most of these solutions will come bundled with data and IPs so you can access whatever you need.

As far as security goes, new customers who require a service location at the facility will be required to be pre-qualified. DC West also offers support on a 24/7 basis and utilizes cameras, card access, environmental monitoring and smoke detection.


Metronode is a well-known data center option with two different facilities located in Perth. The first is a 450-square meter building with two stories in east Perth. It has parking, security rooms, staging rooms, and dedicated IT areas. There is also a rooftop area that has an unobstructed sky view, which is optimal for GPS antennas. The second facility is 986 square meters and located in Shenton Park. This facility offers private rack IT rooms, secure loading decks, staging rooms, and secure parking.

The security used by Metronode includes many technologically advanced systems. Staff are on site 24/7 for security and dual authentication access is required using card access and iris scanning. Metronode can also meet ASIO, SCEC, and other security classifications if needed.

Metronode also offers cloud options, rack supply, cabling services, and on-site project space, making them a great option for other IT needs you might have. The staging rooms can be booked for testing and configuration on site and the loading dock is based in an enclosed and secure area.

DC Two

DC Two is another Australian based company that offers a data center in Perth. This company provides not only colocation services, but also hosting, cloud computing, and data center services. Colocation is available in Osborne Park and you can choose space by the RU or whole rack. There is also space for certificated hosting in Pier DC, but this is in the United States.

There are many options when choosing colocation through DC Two. You can use your own servers or storage, partially your own equipment and use part of DC Two’s, or use only DC Two’s equipment. You can also utilize colocation along with cloud services, with the use of high speed connectivity courtesy of the Perth Data Center Network.

Security is integral to any colocation provider and DC Two understands that. They provide 4 Zone security and monitor for motion, thermal, and smoke in every zone. Swipe cards are used for low security areas, while both a card and biometric fingerprint is required to access more critical areas. There are also magnetic locks, 24/7 monitoring, and CCTV coverage.


Vocus is a major presence in Australia and is on the way toward becoming the second largest business telecommunications provider in the country. They hire skilled network engineers and technicians who run the operations at the company. They also have over 21,000 kilometers of fiber optics cable across Australia.

The company also cares a lot about security and shows that by providing lockable racks, dedicated cages and suites, and more. They have 24/7 secure access at their facilities, so you don’t have to worry about someone getting access to your data or information. You also have access to the conditions of the data center 24/7 by use of an app on any iOS device.

This provider has a 100% uptime guarantee, which is ideal for those who need a high availability. They also provide all the cooling and heating needed to keep racks at a reasonable temperature. You’ll also find a reliable network and easy connectivity from your own servers to the ones at Vocus.

These five companies are the best and brightest available when looking for a colocation solution located in Perth. Some of them are Australia-based, while others are global companies that have customers across the globe. No matter what size your business is, it’s likely you’ll find an affordable and full-featured option to fit your needs by perusing these five options.

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