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4 Must Have Computing Applications For Business Owners

Posted by QuoteColo on September 18, 2014

Top Cloud Computing Applications Any Business Owner Should Use








It is possible to improve your business through the utilization of cloud computing applications. They allow businesses large and small to run a host of different types of business software and apps on the network, and there are many different styles and types of apps available. The following are some of the top cloud computing applications business owners should consider using. They cover a wide range of needs that should appeal to many types of businesses out there today.


Sharing and saving projects, whether they are documents, images, or files has never been easier than it is today. With Dropbox, it is possible to load those files into the cloud for safekeeping. Business owners never have to worry about losing or misplacing files. They do not have to worry about any computer damage or loss on their end either, since the files are in the cloud. They will be able to access the information from any computer that has a connection to the web.

While Dropbox is one of the most popular options, it’s possible to find some other companies that offer this type of service as well, such as Mozy and Google Drive. The pricing is generally quite similar and, in the end, it comes down to the features you prefer.


Here is a great way to track time for business owners and their employees. The cloud computing application features services that are scalable, backed up, and duplicated. They have high quality servers, so business owners will always be able to utilize the service, and they have an uptime of more than 99.9%. They back up their data every twelve hours, and have excellent security.

The service is excellent for those who need to keep track of their time with an easy to use system. Thanks to the scalability, it works well for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers, as well as for larger companies with a number of employees. The company offers a 30-day trial, and the full cost of the system is just $5 a month for all of the features. They also offer discounts for larger companies as well as schools.

Google Apps

Google Apps for business is another great offering that makes use of cloud computing. The goal of Google Apps for Business is to create a full suite of cloud applications that will serve every aspect of business.

They have several options available depending on the business’s needs, starting at just $5 a month. To have unlimited storage as well, it costs $10 per month. The applications include cover collaboration, management, storage, and communication. They offer Google Docs, which acts like MS Word, Sheets, which is their version of a spreadsheet similar to Excel, Slides, which equates to PowerPoint, and more. Google Drive is also a part of the package, which could replace your need for Dropbox.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud works very similarly to Google Apps, in that you can purchase access to a suite of cloud based software for your business. The package includes a variety of popular applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. These can be helpful for various types of businesses, from marketing to graphics and much more. Adobe offers several options. Businesses can access all of the apps, or they can choose the ones they need piecemeal.

These are some of the most beneficial cloud computing applications on the market today, and can be a real asset for many businesses looking for great quality and a great experience without high costs.

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