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Top Five Rackspace Private Cloud Alternatives

Posted by QuoteColo on July 10, 2017

Are you in the market for a private cloud solution? While you may be considering Rackspace, take a couple minutes to learn about the five best alternatives.

We’ll begin with a very popular brand that offers a wide range of solutions, making it a good choice for all kinds of different companies with all kinds of different needs. also has a staff that includes over 200 certified cloud professionals, client-focused system administrators, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer support experts, so the company has more than just software to offer.

If you’re in the healthcare industry, offers a cloud platform designed with your specific needs in mind. This suite of secure cloud solutions is compliant with all HIPAA, SOC 2 and 3, and PCI DSS regulations.

However, no matter what field you’re in, you’ll find that can customize their solutions to meet your needs.


Since 2006, this private cloud hosting provider has served thousands of customers all over the world. You can choose from all kinds of hardware combinations to meet your unique hosting needs, too. SingleHop will also give you control over things like disk size, memory allocation, data center location, processor type and much more.

While there are a lot of reasons to favor SingleHop, many people pick it simply because of the detail it provides in its uptime reports. Furthermore, every customer is guaranteed 100% uptime.

That being said, customer support for cloud based disaster recovery is available 24/7 and localized, which means you can actually call the location of your data center if you need your physical server worked on.

Online Tech

Online Tech is trusted by a variety of different companies, including many household names like John Deere, AAA, Carhartt, Two Men and a Truck, Henry Ford Health System, and many more.

When you sign up with Online Tech, you’ll work with their seasoned team of cloud engineers to build the hosting solution that makes the most sense for your organization. Tier 1 providers are used to provide an infrastructure that lacks a single point of failure.

The company also has a reputation for the emphasis it places on security. This means that all of your data will go through encryption at rest at the hardware level without affecting performance at all.


Yet another option for private cloud hosting comes from Tierpoint. Their solution comes with dedicated software and security. This company specializes in:

  • Business continuity servers
  • Helping companies with business needs that require isolation
  • Disaster recovery servers
  • Servers that require specific compliancy elements

Across the board, though, they mostly service enterprise-level companies. Although they were only founded in 2010, their focus on the above has made them a very popular brand all across the world.

Tierpoint has data centers that are located all over the country; there are 14 in total. On top of this, their customer support is renowned and they make it a point to be transparent about any issues they may be having with a data center.

QTS Data Centers

QTS has been offering hosting solutions for more than a decade to organizations of all sizes. They even provide specific hosting options to government agencies that have specific requirements. The company has also developed a reputation for their hybrid hosting solutions.

If you need to scale up quickly or start from scratch but have a mix of needs that can’t be met from traditional private cloud hosting options, you should definitely consider QTS.

As you can see, although Rackspace is an incredibly popular private cloud hosting provider for good reason, it’s far from the only option out there. Any of the five we just listed would be a worthwhile alternative to think about.

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