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Colocation Toronto

Colocation Toronto
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Many Colocation Toronto providers can properly take care of all their clients’ needs, regardless of their company size. Small business and start up companies can find a home for their critical IT infrastructure instead of hosting internally. Medium and large Canadian enterprises can use Toronto colocation for primary, secondary and disaster recovery purposes. Colocation in Toronto is also a great fit for US and International companies looking to quickly reach end users based in the country of Canada. Toronto is also a safe haven for US clients looking to avoid restrictive US privacy laws likes the Patriot Act.

Utilizing an outsourced Toronto colocation provider has many advantages when compared to hosting internally. Both SMBs and enterprise companies can take advantage of the Toronto data center’s “economies of scale.” Instead of purchasing racks and network hardware, clients can utilize a portion of the colocation provider’s IT infrastructure. Toronto colocation clients are not required to provide their own expensive UPS because they will be handed a redundant power feed from the provider’s centralized UPS system. Colocation clients will have “peace of mind” in regards to both cooling and redundant power because qualified Toronto data centers will have all of this in place already! Substantial cost and time savings will also be had in regards to Internet bandwidth because Toronto colocation providers already have multiple tier 1 Internet providers on site. Toronto colocation providers purchase high volume amounts of Internet lines and can offer substantial discounts on bandwidth pricing. Clients can immediately be provisioned a 100Mbps or GIGe circuit without the hassle of waiting months for a circuit to be delivered to their office or internal data center.

QuoteColo offers free, no obligation quotes from the most qualified and cost-effective Toronto area colocation providers. Below is a partial list of data center locations in Toronto, CA:

  • 151 Front St
  • 905 King St West
  • 341-151 Front St
  • 718-151 Front St
  • 27 Buttermill Ave
  • 7 Labatt  Ave
  • 800 Petrolia Rd
  • 25 Adelaide St
  • 1 Yonge St
  • 6-6150 Highway 7
  • 20 Pullman Ct (Scarborough)
  • 302-718 Wilson Ave
  • 565 Gordon Baker Rd
  • 10 Four Seasons Pl
  • 55 York St
  • 145 King St West
  • 431 Horner Ave

Our Toronto colocation providers offer a variety of colocation space options to meet their client’s specific hosting requirements…

  • 1U and tower server colocation
  • Open ¼, 1/3, ½ and full racks
  • Secure 1/3, ½ and full cabinets
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 rack private cages
  • Customer private cages and suites

Our Colocation Toronto data centers more focused on managed services and managed hosting offer the following services:

  • Managed colocation – you provide the IT equipment and the provider manages it for you!
  • Self managed dedicated server(s) – provider supplies the server(s) and will manage the hardware and network, you have root access and manage the OS, software and applications.
  • Fully managed dedicated server(s) – provider supplies the server(s) and will manage everything up to the OS, you have root access and manage the content and custom software and applications.
  • Private Cloud Hosting – secure and scalable private cloud servers that meet specific industry compliances like Sarbanes Oxley, SSAE16, HIPA compliance, etc.
  • Public Cloud Hosting – scalable and cost-effective public cloud servers billed on an hourly basis.
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting – scalable and secure hybrid cloud options so clients can “mix and match” both public/private clouds along with in house dedicated servers and collocated servers.

If you are looking for Toronto colocation services, please call 888-400-5732 or submit your requirements on one of our simple forms. We will immediately respond and let you know if we have any questions. We will then source you direct quotes from the most qualified and cost-effective Toronto colocation providers. Our service is absolutely free and there is no obligation. With just one call or email, you will be on the way to receiving the most qualified and cost-effective quotes from the best Toronto colocation providers!