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VC3 Private Cloud

Posted by QuoteColo on May 01, 2020 - Updated on April 21, 2020

Overview – VC3 Managed Private Cloud Overview

What Is It?

VC3 may not have the same name recognition as some of the larger web hosting companies out there, but you should certainly pay attention to the company’s offerings. Founded in 1994, they’ve been around for quite some time, which means they’re doing a lot of things right. That also means they have a great deal of experience in hosting, security, and meeting customer needs.

VC3 offers a wide range of hosting options, including private cloud hosting. In all they do, the company focuses on delivering customized solutions, rather than cookie-cutter hosting choices. According to the VC3 website, “The advent of cloud computing has made VC3’s long-term strategic goal of offering customized solutions a reality. VC3 has been delivering cloud computing for more than ten years now, with new solutions being continuously added.”

While many customers choose to go the custom route, VC3’s private cloud hosting does deliver some common benefits across the board, ensuring operability, connectivity, security, and control over sensitive data, even in the cloud.

Is VC3 Right for Your Business?

VC3 private cloud hosting is a good choice for businesses in a wide range of different industries. Because the hosting provider can also offer IT services, the company makes a good choice for any business that lacks an in-house IT department or key IT talent. The company is also used by over 200 government agencies, which means it is an excellent choice for organizations with a significant need for robust security measures and data protection. If you want a hands-off approach to private cloud hosting, VC3 delivers precisely that.

Managed Services

VC3’s managed private cloud hosting delivers a wide range of critical services, including the following:


  • 24/7 monitoring of all hosted assets
  • CJIS-trained staff available around the clock
  • Enterprise-class data centers around the world
  • The ability to run Windows Virtual Machines without worries about security or versatility
  • The ability to access data without sacrificing security anywhere, and at any time
  • The ability to host a broad range of software suites
  • A Virtual Office Advantage solution that includes both PC hardware and private cloud services
  • Private cloud infrastructure as a service
  • Robust disaster recovery services for backup and recovery

Best Features

VC3’s private cloud hosting offers access to a number of important features and benefits. However, some of the best available include the following:

  • Free Your IT: VC3’s VOA (Virtual Office Advantage) program frees your IT team to focus on mission-critical concerns, rather than your hosting. Or, if you lack a full IT team, VC3 can fill in for you.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Virtual threats continue to proliferate today, but VC3’s 24/7 monitoring helps provide you with peace of mind about your information.
  • Infrastructure as a Service: Why spend time and money developing your own infrastructure, when VC3 can offer infrastructure as a service?
  • Customization: VC3 is a Microsoft QMTH Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, capable of delivering any level of customization that you might need, from augmenting on-premises systems to deploy custom solutions uniquely suited to your requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery: VC3 delivers some of the most robust disaster recovery services in the industry, with the ability to back up and recover data, websites, applications, and other digital assets.


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In just a few years, we’ve moved all of our in-house IT functions to VC3. It turned out to be an excellent decision thanks to their outstanding service and affordable pricing. VC3’s team understands the needs and requirements for local government offices, and have provided us with outstanding service and data protection. Moving to VC3 from a local IT vendor also reduced the number of problems we experienced and we also benefited from faster response times to service requests.

— John



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