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Vietnam Colocation

Vietnam Colocation
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Vietnam Colocation

Many companies in Vietnam are having the problem of their business growth outstripping the growth of their facilities. This means that they may not be capable of housing some of their own services at their greatest potential, particularly IT functions and web hosting. QuoteColo is a safe, easy way for companies in this predicament to find a data center that offers Vietnam colocation services.

Get it All at No Cost – QuoteColo partners up with colocation data centers to gather a wide range of information. We then provide this information to businesses trying to find colocation facilities- at absolutely no charge to these businesses.

Choose Wisely – Different data centers will offer different services and also have different prices. You need all the information to choose the perfect data center for your company’s colocation needs, and QuoteColo can provide that information.

Look below to find the locations of a few data centers in Vietnam:

  • FPT Cau Giay Building located at Lot B2 – Cau
  • Sai dong B Industrial Park, Long Bien district
  • 16 Hai Bà Trưng

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It has been occupied by governments from both Europe and elsewhere in Asia and was even split in two for a time, but has been independent and unified since 1975. While it was at odds with many countries at first, it has undergone a number of recent reforms to repair relations and improve its economy.

Vietnam used to have an economy based in agriculture, but recent years have seen it focus in industry and natural resources. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world at this time.

Such a fast growing city will obviously provide options for colocation services. Call 888-400-5732 or fill out our contact form in order to learn more from QuoteColo.