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VMware Cloud Hosting Benefits

Posted by QuoteColo on June 13, 2013 - Updated on June 13, 2013

vmware cloud hosting

Cloud computing is everywhere these days. Picking the right cloud platform is half the battle when looking for an outsourced cloud provider. VMWare is a virtualization software that allows a user to host multiple operating systems (OS) and applications on a single server environment thus eliminating the requirement of having an independent server for each OS and private application. VMware is a robust and proven cloud architecture that is presently being used by nearly 400,000 customers worldwide and all of the Fortune 100.  In this brief post, we will examine VMWare’s cloud hosting benefits.

(1) Run multiple applications on one server. Traditionally, clients were required to acquire an independent server for each application. For example, a firm running QuickBooks, MS Exchange and Seibel was required to purchase or lease three separate servers. Using VMware, all three applications and associated operating systems can reside on the same server. This has obvious cost benefits for the end user or service provider. VMware, Inc.,  and other industry cloud experts claim that clients can save up to 80% over a three year period.

(2) Use the full server not just part of it. Since multiple applications and operating systems can now be used on a single server, clients and service providers save money because they are no longer paying for server space that is not being utilized to its fullest. Clients who used dedicated servers in the past should now consider VMware whenever possible to save money by consolidating servers.

(3) Enterprise hosting for all. In the past, only the “deep pocketed” companies could run a private hosted infrastructure. Utilizing VMware, small and  medium sized businesses can take advantage of its scalability, security and cost-effectiveness. Many outsourced VMware cloud hosting companies offer secure VMware hosting for less than $50 a month!

(4) Quicker IT provisioning – VMWare allows it users to simply “copy and paste” data from one server to another (even while runnning). This expedites the provisioning process which saves time and money! You are no longer required to wait days or weeks for a machine to be delivered and installed because most VMware servers can be set up in hours!

(5) Failover and Load Balancing – VMware software automatically distributes the work load over the entire cluster of servers to ensure maximum performance and high availability. Planned and scheduled server maintenance can now be completed without interuption to your end users.

(6) Disaster Recovery – VMware software makes it easy to implement a disaster recovery site. Disaster recovery server hardware can now be consolidated and clients/service providers can use older or less costly hardware to reduce overall costs. Speed of recovery is also improved. Since the OS, application and data all reside on a set of virtual machines, clients can recover that replicated data in a fast, single step process. VMware,  Inc., claims that typical recovery times will be less than 1 hour compared to the industry standard of almost 2 days!

If you are looking for an outsourced cloud solution make sure the service provider offers VMware as an option. They are the “Cadillac” of the cloud industry and it will save you time and money in the future.

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