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Watch Your Favorites on Hulu Thanks to the Cloud

Posted by QuoteColo on August 12, 2014 - Updated on March 08, 2016

Watch Your Favorites on Hulu Thanks to the Cloud

Cloud computing still tends to confuse many people. A large number of companies proclaim they are using cloud technology, and sometimes the way those companies use the cloud varies so much – from offering software downloads, streaming services, or space to store photos and videos – it can be confusing to those who are just trying to get a bit more of a grasp as to what the cloud is. In actuality, the cloud is all of these things and more. For example, one of the most popular cloud streaming services out there today is Hulu.

Is Hulu the Same as Netflix?

When many people first look at Hulu and Netflix, they make immediate comparisons, believing that both services may be the same. However, even though there may be a bit of crossover, there is actually quite a bit of difference. Many consumers actually choose to have both Netflix and Hulu because there is a difference.

The biggest difference is that Hulu offers new television shows from many networks, and they have these shows up the next day in many cases. Subscribers can access full seasons of current run shows, as well as older seasons of the show. However, this is where things can get a bit confusing with Hulu. The content rights to certain shows from Hulu Plus might allow the company to stream them to computers, but they may prohibit streaming to other devices.

This means that some shows you are watching and paying for with Hulu Plus on your computer might actually not be available on other devices. Many who enjoy the idea of Hulu point this out as a problem, and it can be, depending on how and when you want to use the service. The company is well aware of how people feel about this, and they claim they are looking for ways to add as much content as possible to as many different devices as possible to satisfy their customers.

Another one of the differences, and one that does not sit well with all customers, is the fact that Hulu has commercials – even in the paid version. The commercials are not as frequent as they are on regular television though, and they do not feel as intrusive. However, they tend to have a limited number of commercials running at a time, and this means that one could see the same exact ad spot several times in a single sitting.

One of the ways that Hulu will sometimes offer to help alleviate the issue with commercials is to watch a single long form commercial at the beginning of the show or movie. The viewers are then able to watch the rest of the program commercial free. This is not always an option, however.

Yet another difference between and Hulu Plus is the quality of the stream. With, the streamed content is in standard definition. With Hulu Plus, the stream is HD whenever possible, thus providing viewers with the best possible quality.

What Does Hulu and Hulu Plus Cost? is a free service that anyone who has a computer will be able to access simply by going to the site. They still have a large number of movies and television shows available through the free version. However, not everything is accessible through the regular site. In order to access more shows, including full seasons and current runs of many of the programs, you will need to subscribe to Hulu Plus.

How much does all of this cost? Fortunately, even though you will be getting a substantial amount of content, the cost for cloud streaming Hulu Plus is very reasonable. It is only $7.99 per month. They have a variety of full seasons for many popular television shows, including the full and up to date run of South Park. When considering the benefits of the Plus streaming service, it’s advisable to head to their content page to see what is available.

Just a few of the current shows they have on their include Family Guy, Crossbones, The Awesomes – an original series, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Teen Wolf, and much more. As with many types of streaming services, the shows and movies available come and go. It’s advisable to check to see their current offerings before signing up with them. Still, they tend to have hundreds of shows and movies available at any given time, so you should never be short on great content.

So Many Devices for Hulu Plus

One of the other big differences that you need to be aware of with Hulu is that the free version is only available to watch via your computer – Mac or PC. Hulu Plus allows users to watch the content on a variety of different devices including the aforementioned computers, as well as the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Playstation and Xbox devices, Roku, many Internet-connected televisions, and more.

The addition of all of these apps gives you the option to watch your favorites no matter where you are, whether you are out and in need of some quick entertainment, or if you are in the comfort of your own home and want to watch something on the television in the living room or bedroom.

Is Hulu Plus a Good Choice for You?

One of the best ways to see if Hulu Plus is a good option is to check out the free one-week trial. You can experience everything the site offers for an entire week without charge. If you like it, you can keep the service. If you do not, it’s easy to cancel. Even those who already feel that Hulu Plus is a good option and who are considering signing up should get their free week first.

Before you choose to use the service though, it is important that you go to their site and look at all of the content that the Plus version has to offer. They have some older shows that you can’t find elsewhere online, and that might be enough to garner more interest from some people. They have many new run and current seasons as well. If you do not have a DVR, or you cut the cable cord, then this might be a good and viable option for you to consider.

Just make sure that you will be using the site enough to make it pay for itself. Fortunately, at a mere $7.99 per month, this is generally easy to do. Just by watching a few shows or movies each month, it is very easy to justify the cost. Most who try the service find that the value is exceptional and that they always have something interesting to watch and enjoy.

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