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What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Posted by QuoteColo on February 28, 2014

what is bare metal cloud

Let’s be honest here for a moment, hypervisors and virtualization are great but they are also a pain in the butt. Hypervisors are wonderful for managing multiple VM’s (virtual machines) on a single box yet at the same time, managing multiple VM’s on the same machine enables service lag and degradation.

The hypervisor setup, while excellent for basic Cloud servers and Cloud hosting deployments, do not work well when tasked with high load data-intensive workloads that require quick bursts of data-intensive operations. The extra layer created by the virtualized Cloud hypervisor slows function down and limits output.

Bare metal Cloud servers get around lag and overall processing inefficiencies by not using hypervisors or virtualization.

A Cloud Without Virtualization?

Instead of relying on virtualization and hypervisors to deploy the Cloud, bare metal Cloud servers rely on dedicated hardware to do the job. By relying on dedicated server environments to create Cloud deployments, the bare metal Cloud eliminates the need for an extra layer of virtualization and hypervisors which in turn eliminates lag time associated with data-intensive operations over a short-term period.

At the same time, although bare metal Cloud solutions push hypervisors to the side, they still supply the consumer with all the scalability, flexibility, response and work load efficiency that normal Cloud servers supply. Bare metal Cloud solutions provide excellent response and resource power without the short term degradation added by virtualization and hypervisors.

Why Would I Use Bare Metal Cloud?

Common uses for bare metal Cloud instances are data-intensive workloads in quick bursts and high volume data backups. As stated the main selling point for bare metal Cloud services are high yield perform for short-term quick burst data-intensive computing tasks sans performance lagging. This type of performance lends itself to the very useful and very over marketed application of Big Data services.

With more and more companies turning to programs like Hadoop and hiring professional Big Data number analysis experts, companies should also be turning towards utilizing bare metal Cloud servers to power their data crunching needs. In a world which thrives on real time data, it would make sense that companies in the business of providing said real time data would turn to compute technologies which can produce high yield results with no overhead or lag with lightning fast speeds. Bare metal Cloud providers supply fill that need.

Another great use for bare metal Cloud solutions is data intensive video rendering. As video technologies become more and more data heavy, bare metal Cloud servers which have the ability to render video media at a quick pace with no lag time are extremely valuable in an information age powered by Youtube and Vimeo. For the video marketer or video marketing team who are constantly pumping out data intensive video clips, utilizing bare metal Cloud hosting solutions are the way to go.

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