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What to Look for in Game Server Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on April 10, 2014 - Updated on April 04, 2014

 what to look for in game server colocation

So, you’re a gamer who wants to play all the latest and greatest titles without experiencing high lag time, high latency and connectivity issues. Now, how you go about setting up your game server colocation is wholly up to you. You could decide to build your own server with custom parts or you could decide to purchase a pre built server from a noted data center colocation company.

The choice is yours however it should be mentioned, if you want to same money and you have the knowledge, building your own colocation server for gaming will be exponentially cheaper then purchasing one from a major data center server colocation company.

Building Your Own Colocation Game Server

Building your own colocation game server, if you know how to do it, is a pretty simple task to accomplish. Remember, when building a colocation gaming server, make sure you supply it with enough memory (8GB – 16GB), multiple drives (two terabyte drives) and if you really want to go crazy, install RAID 10. It should be noted, for a basic gaming server, a RAID 10 card probably isn’t needed but it certainly can’t hurt.

Once you have a gaming server built, the next step is to collocate it with a major gaming colocation firm.

The Benefits of Colocation with Gaming Server Providers

Without question two of the major benefits of choosing to collocate with a major gaming server platform are the custom built environment and the choices in games. Take for example a gaming colocation provider like While the company does offer other forms of colocation and web hosting, the firm has built part of their brand on supplying gamers with the servers they need.

If you choose not to build you own gaming colocation server, provides gamers with enterprise level Dell Intel Xeon servers, games which are hosted on 1,000 mbit uplinks, no limits to bandwidth or disk space, 10,000 MB of redirect space and a custom built gaming server control panel to perform server management.

The other major benefit to game server colocation with a company like is they provide gamers with hundreds of popular games for a fraction of the cost of buying them. For example, whereas a game like Battlefield 4 might cost your upwards of $50 in a store, gaming colocation companies will charge by slot (player). This means the individual gamer is paying a fraction of the cost ( sells Battlefield 4 at $.85 cents per slot) for the same rich gaming experience.

Game Servers Are Rated

Maybe the best thing about utilizing a colocation web hosting company like or is gamers rate how good or bad that company is. Just like any other web hosting solution, gamers take an active hand in rating the gaming performance of colocation servers. This means, if you are new to using colocation for gaming, you can access a network of pre-rated game server providers to decide on what provider is right for your needs.

At the end of the day, your choice in colocation game server providers might just come down to how much money the provider charges per slot. In that regard, shop the market to decide what price per slot is right for you and your gaming friends.

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