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White Label Cloud Hosting Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on April 27, 2015 - Updated on July 06, 2016

White Label Cloud Hosting Providers

Many companies love the idea of acting as a reseller for cloud services, but they do not want to have ties to another label and brand, even if that other company is providing the actual service. They want to be able to brand their services as their own, and in order to do that, they actually need to choose a white label cloud hosting provider. This provides the company the ability to put their name and logo on the hosting provider’s cloud and services.

Why is this so important? Many companies are trying to make a name in the field, and that means they need to have a quality service with their own branding on it. The do not always want to have their partners’ names competing with their own, and white label cloud hosting providers allow for that. It also helps companies such as yours to save a substantial amount of money. Since you no longer need to build and create your own infrastructure and data centers, you can work on building other parts of your business, such as the brand.

Many different companies and individuals will find that they can benefit from using a white label reseller for cloud hosting. Hosting resellers, managed service providers, solutions providers, data center operators, and even independent software vendors can benefit and make use of this type of system.

Let’s look at some of the top white label cloud hosting providers to see just what they are capable of offering.


The company offers self-managed cloud servers that you will be able to provide directly to your customers, all without needing to invest in infrastructure on your own. The white label reseller program allows users to rebrand the cloud hosting so you can then sell it to your own customers as if it were your own. Your customers will have access to great cloud hosting, and you will have to do very little other than branding and marketing.

Elastichosts has data centers in a number of different locations around the world including London, California, Dallas Texas, Hong Kong, and Toronto. It is possible to perform a simple rebrand, or to completely customize the look and the experience your customers will have. The company even offers a free trial so users can get a better idea of what they offer and the benefits it provides.

The current prices for the company include a one-time setup fee of $750, along with a monthly brand maintenance fee of $150. Your company can handle the initial questions and support for customers, and Elastichosts can help with second line queries.

Cloud My Office

Another one of the top choices when it comes to cloud hosting providers for white label resellers is Cloud My Office. The company actually has a number of options for their reseller partners. The company is able to offer high quality security along with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. They have a complete system management platform, so you do not have to worry about anything but actually making sales of the hosting services to your customers.

My Cloud Office makes sure you have access to all of the resources you will need when it comes to rebranding and setting up the cloud hosts for your customers. They even offer sales training so that the sales staff on your team will be able to sell the product more effectively. They offer promo materials and other resources that you can use. Everything they offer is fully re-brandable, so you can make it your own. Add your company name, logo, and more. They even offer branded end-user phone support. This means the customer service team working at My Cloud Office will actually use your company name, and even your company script, when speaking with customers.

The company offers competitive pricing, but it can change frequently. Depending on the services, they will sometimes offer discounts between 10% and 40%. Before choosing one of the companies for white label cloud hosting, call or contact them for their latest pricing structure.


Cirracore is another popular option. The company offers a turnkey white label program featuring infrastructure as a service, and is able to provide support and marketing plans for your use. As with the other options in this category, they are able to provide quality security and flexible options for those who choose to use their white label services. The company also offers customized plans, equipment options, and more. They make it very easy to get started for you as well as for the end-user. All along the way, you will have control over the branding so you can get your company’s name out to the customers.

Again, the company can offer high quality equipment and service, as well as uptime. Those who want to learn more about what Cirracore can offer should contact them to learn more about their current pricing policies and to make sure that the company can cover everything they need.

What Option Is Right for Your Company?

All of the options mentioned in this article are high quality, and they could be just what your company is looking for in a white label cloud hosting provider. However, you should always take the time to look deeper into the different features and options that each of the companies offers. Which one will be the easiest for your company to use, and which one gives you the freedom that you need? It’s not only about finding the cheapest option. You really do want the best, because that will ensure the end-user is happy with their cloud experience. Since it is your company’s name and logo out there, you always want the customers to be as happy as possible.

What Should You Look For?

These are just some of the many different companies out there offering these types of reseller services for the cloud. However, these do happen to be some of the best and the most popular. When you are trying to find a company that can offer you a great white label cloud hosting solution, you have to make sure that they are truly white label. Check to see what type of rebranding you will really be able to do with the service to ensure it is something that you can actually use. If they have certain restrictions, or they require you to place their logo alongside your logo, then it is not a true white label scenario.

What other features do they offer? Some, as you’ve seen, are even able to offer rebranded customer support on the phones. This is a huge benefit, as it helps to solidify the brand, and their available customer services means you do not have to hire an entire new customer support staff. Take the time to look at all of the pros and cons of each of the options and choose the one that fits your company’s needs the best.

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