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Why Cloud Hosting + Minecraft = Love

Posted by QuoteColo on November 04, 2014 - Updated on October 28, 2014

Why Cloud Hosting + Minecraft = Love

Minecraft is more than a mere game; it is a phenomenon and it has taken the gaming world by storm. Many people who do not even consider themselves gamers play Minecraft regularly. This powerful and addicting game, created in Java, separates itself from other games in a number of ways. Essentially, it is an open world game where the players have a variety of tools and resources at their disposal. They can use those resources to survive in the procedurally generated world.

Players can create tools, weapons, buildings, and elaborate automated systems to create various actions in the game, and nearly anything else that they can imagine. The goal of the main game is survival, but building structures, rail systems, and more is certainly an important aspect of the game play as well. In general, players can do whatever they like in the game. The game does not have missions that they need to complete. If they simply want to live in a dirt hut and go mining, or they want to build a palace, they can do it. It is the ultimate freedom.

Since the world is procedurally generated, it means that each play experience is different since the map and environment is different. This enhances the replay value. In addition to the adventure and survival aspect of the game, it also offers a creative mode, where players can simply go into a safe version of the game and build with all of the creative tools open for them.

Additionally, Minecraft does not have to be a single player experience. In fact, one of the things that makes the game so special is the ability to connect with friends and even strangers on servers where you can all play together in the same world. Many have shared worlds that they work on together. Others create mini games where a number of players can join and compete with one another.

A Cloud Server Makes Things Magical

Working with a cloud server is nice, easy, and does not require any additional hardware on your part. This is one of the best reasons to choose a cloud host for your Minecraft game. Having a cloud server will allow you to have a number of players on your server at the same time; perfect for those shared worlds and for the mini games mentioned earlier. Depending on the size and speed of the server you choose, you can have a different number of players on at one time. The smaller cloud server options can allow for one to fifteen players, but it is possible to choose high power servers that can handle up to a hundred players with no problems.

When you are choosing to set up a cloud server, make sure that you have an idea of how many players you would want on at once. Look at the tiers of service the cloud host offers and choose the one that fits your needs the best. Depending on the costs and the commitment required by the host, you may want to choose one tier higher than you need, just so you can be sure that you have enough room in case you decide to host more players.

Why should you have your own Minecraft server though? When you have your own server, you have more control, simple as that. It allows you and your friends, or strangers you allow into the server, to create a unique experience, play games, and make new friends.

The Ways to Get Up and Running

Lovers of Minecraft have a number of options when it comes to getting up and going with a server. They can choose companies that specialize in these gaming servers and choose a cloud option that meets their needs. Since it runs on Java, it is even possible to set up their own dedicated server, but that is typically more hassle than most people want in their life. Working with companies offering cloud hosting, and then choosing a tier that offer a minimum a GB of RAM is the simplest way to start.

Here’s a list of the basic requirements for different size servers.

• 1 GB of RAM will allow for up to fifteen players.
• 2 GB of RAM will allow for between fifteen and thirty players.
• 3 GB of RAM will allow for between thirty and fifty players.
• 5 GB of RAM will allow for between fifty and a hundred players.

When choosing a company that offers cloud hosting for your Minecraft server, you should make sure that they specialize in gaming, and that they have experience with Minecraft in particular. Many actually have this as a selling point today. These companies are able to offer admin control panels specific to Minecraft, making it much easier to configure the server the way you need it. It also makes it easier to install the various plugins and mods that are a large part of the game.

The Mods You Love

The mods and plugins increase the functionality of the game, and they can change and enhance the look of the game. Ultimately, they can provide more options and abilities for the server owners and the players, which can make it much easier to create unique worlds.

Plugins are very useful, especially for larger servers with a large number of players. They can help to keep the server and the game environment safe from attack. One example is types of plugins that stop players from entering a server and destroying the structures and buildings that other players have created.

Mods change the way things look and work in the game environment. It is important to note that the mods on a server can cause it to soak up more resources. As fun and interesting as the mods can be, such as adding more realistic clouds and other textures, or even adding different types of blocks and machines, they can put more of a strain on a server. Those who want to use a large number of mods should opt for a more powerful server and then perhaps limit the number of players on the server to ensure a smoother experience for everyone. It may take some testing and tweaking to see just how many players can get on the server with the mods before they encounter lag and other problems.

Having your own cloud server for Minecraft can make your gaming experience better than ever. Is Minecraft a game everyone will love? While there might be a few people out there who do not have any interest in the game and getting a cloud server might not be right for all players, those people are fewer and further between than you might think. Minecraft has 100 million registered users. It is on PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the PS Vita. It is everywhere. Getting your own server up and running for you and your friends could be a good idea, even if you are just a casual player right now.

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