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Zug Colocation Hosting

The city of Zug is located in central Switzerland, and has a history that reaches far back into the misty past. Archaeologists have found evidence of human habitation dating back to prehistoric times along Lake Zug, which has always been an important source of both food and revenue for the area. Today, Zug is a thriving town with a population of around 30,000 people. While it might be best known as a picturesque tourist destination, it has also become a hub of commerce and trade, attracting new businesses from around Switzerland, Europe and even globally.

Of course, all businesses in the area need Zug colocation hosting to ensure website uptime, disaster preparedness, ecommerce capabilities and more. Choosing the right colocation provider can be a daunting task, though, particularly when you realize there are quite a few companies that offer these services. How do you choose the right one? Let us help you.

We Have the Needed Experience – When it comes to experience, few top us. We have over a decade of experience in the colocation industry. During that time, we’ve formed relationships with some of the top-ranked Zug colocation hosting providers, which enables us to provide unique plans for our clients.

We Help You Customize – No two businesses have completely identical needs when it comes to Zug colocation hosting. We help you first define your needs, and then find the ideal plan from area providers. The result is colocation hosting that fits your needs right now, but that can be scaled up or down as your business changes over time.

A Look at Zug Colocation Hosting Providers:

You’ll find quite a few companies in Zug offering colocation hosting. Some of the better choices available to you include the following:

  • Datasource 1 Poststrausse 6300 Zug, Switzerland
  • Datawire Datacenter ZG02 Hinterbergstrasse 22 6330 Cham Zug, Switzerland
  • ZUGERNET Datacenter Oberneuhofstrasse 10 6340 Baar Zug, Switzerland
  • Datasource 2 Lattichstrasse 8 6340 Baar Zug, Switzerland
  • Datawire Datacenter ZG01 Hinterberstrasse 28 6330 Cham Zug, Switzerland
  • Lets Host Datacenter Bosch 69 6331 Hunenbert Zug, Switzerland

The city of Zug has grown significantly, although it retains its characteristic small town charm. A number of different industries can be found driving the city’s economy, although technology has become one of the most important. Zug made headlines in 2016 when it began accepting bitcoin as payment for city fees, and remains one of the few cities in the world that accepts digital currency in addition to national and international currencies. Education is another driving force in the area, with four international schools and quite a few options for tertiary education. Transportation and logistics are also significant factors in the city’s economy. There is a very well-developed road system, as well as rail transport and a bus system in place.

For business owners and decision makers seeking Zug colocation hosting, QuoteColo can help. We can connect you with leading colocation providers, ensure that you receive the customization that you deserve, and help you save time, money and sanity in the process.