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Baltimore Bitcoin Mining

Baltimore Bitcoin Mining
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Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Hosting

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The city of Baltimore, MD, has long been a home to business concerns large and small. As one of the oldest cities in the nation, it houses companies representing almost every industry imaginable. Increasingly, technology companies are moving to the area, including bitcoin miners and mining pools. This is thanks in part to the area’s relatively competitive energy costs. Maryland businesses pay roughly 10.89 cents per kWh, in comparison to the national average of 10.55 cents per kWh.

As cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining becomes more and more popular, miners are finding that they need to partner with strategic service providers to help them maximize profitability and uptime – Baltimore bitcoin mining colocation companies fill this role. How do you choose the right data center, though? What separates the various bitcoin mining hosting services from one another?


Finding the right partner can be difficult, but we can help. In fact, we have done all the difficult work, and can recommend Baltimore bitcoin mining colocation providers based on your specific needs.


Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Data Center #1: Located northwest of the city’s Inner Harbor and south of The Walters Art Museum, this data center offers configurable rack cabinets, as well as full power and cooling redundancy. 24/7 security is provided, and this location is carrier neutral. Costs here average $140 per KW.


Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Data Center #2: Not far from I395 and the American Visionary Art Museum, this Baltimore bitcoin mining hosting provider offers configurable cabinets and cages. Choose from dedicated or virtual servers, or host your existing mining rig here if you prefer. The facility covers 22,000 square feet, and features advanced cooling, fire suppression and security. The average cost is $140 per KW.


Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Data Center #3: This mining colocation provider is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, and offers cages and rack cabinets. Provision a dedicated server, or opt for a virtual server. You can host an existing mining rig here, too, and all machines will benefit from N+1 power and cooling redundancy, as well as access to state of the art security technology. Rates here run around $140 per KW.


Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Data Center #4: You’ll find this bitcoin mining facility near the city’s Inner Harbor. It offers cages and rack cabinets, but does not accept existing mining rigs for hosting. The facility features complete redundancy in power and cooling systems, and offers 24/7 access control and state of the art security for your protection. Expect to pay around $140 per KW.


Baltimore Bitcoin Mining Data Center #5: Another downtown Baltimore bitcoin mining colocation provider, this facility offers full suites, cages and rack cabinets. Office space is available as well. Virtual and dedicated servers can be provisioned to meet your needs, and hosting of individual servers is offered, too. Costs average $140 per KW.


These are some of the leading Baltimore bitcoin mining colocation providers, but there are many others. We invite you to contact us directly for a free, custom quote on your needs. Call us at 888-400-5732 or use the form on this page.