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Bitcoin Miner Hosting

Bitcoin Miner Hosting
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Bitcoin Mining Hosting

Are you seeking a reliable mining farm for your ASIC and cryptocurrency miners? Our North American facilities offer renewable and low-cost “all in” power from 6 to 8 cents kWh (USD) based on volume. All-in pricing includes rack space, power, internet, ventilation, and general maintenance/security.

Facilities are secured and manned 24×7. Power purchase agreements (PPA) are in place for fixed pricing on 12 to 36-month terms. Miners are managed with ASIC management software which allows for remote client access. Physical access is available for clients with 1MW+ miners (300 S19-type miners).

Below are current options and all-in pricing for hosting next-generation miners. Supply and availability change often.

Current Prices for Mining Hosting Datacenters

Texas –100MW+ (multiple locations) – 2 months deposit – 12 to 36 months term
7 to 8.5 cents

Wyoming – 30MW+ – 3 months deposit – 36 months term
7.5 cents

New York – 20MW+ – 2 months deposit – 36 months term
7 to 8 cents

Ohio – 10MW+ – 2 months deposit – 24 months term
7 to 8 cents

Indiana (80% green power) – 10MW+ – 1 months deposit – 12 months term
7.5 to 8.5 cents

Minnesota – 2MW+ – 2 months deposit – 12 months term
8 to 8.5 cents

Tampa, Florida – 1MW – 2 months deposit – 24 months term
9 cents

Tennessee – 5MW – 2 months deposit – 24 months term
8 to 8.5 cents

Nebraska – 3MW – 2 months deposit – 12 months term
8 to 9.5 cents

North Carolina – 3MW – 2 months deposit – 12 months term
6.8 to 7.5 cents

Washington – 5MW – 3 months deposit – 12 months term
8 to 9 cents

Quebec Canada – 5MW – 3 months deposit – 24 months term
8 to 11.5 cents (CAD)

Norway – 20MW – 3 months deposit – 24 months term
7.5 to 8 cents

Iceland – 20MW – 2 months deposit – 24 months term
7.6 to 8.5 cents

3 of the most popular ways to start BTC mining and Crypto hosting.


Colocation – client purchases miners from a trusted source and finds a provider to install, Host, and maintain their rigs. The client receives 100% of the mined terahash directly to their Bitcoin wallet. Utilizing this option, clients can source a competitive price for the miners while paying a standard kwh rate for all-in pricing. Finding a reliable provider with low-cost power and dependable service can be challenging.


Buy/Host – client purchases miners directly from the host company, and the Host maintains them. Like colocation, clients receive 100% of the mined Bitcoin in their wallet. This “one-stop-shop option” costs 2 to 5% more per miner but 1 cent per kWh less on monthly hosting costs. Look for a host who owns and manages their facility and has a track record of hosting ASIC miners.


Fully managed mining – clients purchase guaranteed Bitcoin terahash contracts for 18 or 36 months instead of buying miners and hosting. The minimum order quantity is 1000 terahash, and one-time pricing starts at $9.95/Th. The monthly cost is $1.69/Th and can be paid upfront for a 15% discount. This solution eliminates the need to find the best miner and the everyday worries associated with hosting, such as delays, downtime, repairs, etc. This service is accompanied by an 8-15% management fee from the mined Bitcoin. Unlike many cloud mining scams, this solution is legitimate and has a proven history of performance and payouts.


We have been in the hosting business for 15+ years and have been active in the Crypto industry since 2017. Contact us for more information on how to get mining.

ASIC Mining Hardware Inventory Available For Sale


Model Condition
NEW YORK (100% Renewable energy)
Antminer S19 XP 141Th S19 NEW
Antminer S19j Pro 88Th S19 Pro NEW
Antminer S19j Pro 100Th S19j Pro NEW
Whatsminer M50s 122Th M50s NEW
Whatsminer M30s++ 106 Th M30S++ NEW
Whatsminer M30 90T M30S NEW
Antminer L7 9050 MHs L7 NEW
Texas (DFW area)
Antminer S19 XP 141Th S19 NEW
Antminer S19 XP 134Th S19 Pro NEW
Antminer S19j Pro 100Th S19j Pro NEW
Whatsminer M50 118Th M50 NEW
Goldshell KD Max 40.2T KD Max NEW
Antminer KA3 166Th/s KA3 NEW
Antminer K7 63.5Th/s K7 NEW
Antminer L7 8800MHs L7 NEW
Ibelink BM K3 70Th/s Ibelink NEW
Antminer S19 Models (110Th, XP, etc.) – SPLIT SHARE 1% OWNERSHIP S19 XP NEW/USED
Antminer L7 9050M L7 NEW
Antminer KA3 KA3 NEW
Antminer K7 K7 NEW
Antminer E9 Pro E9 NEW
Antminer S19 100Th S19 NEW
Antminer S19 104Th S19 NEW
Texas (Immersion hosting)
Antminer S19 XP & S19 options S19 NEW



Model Availability Location New or Used QC Price
L7 8800M STOCK ASIA NEW $6,525



BTC Mining (FAQ) – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Mining?

The term “Bitcoin Mining” is very broad and can mean different things to different people. Looking back, Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and along with its popularity and rising price other Cryptocurrencies have also been introduced. A many number such as Bitcoin(BTC), LiteCoin, Ethereum (ETC), Ripple, Dash, etc. With the rising price of these decentralized Cryptocurrencies, individual miners and companies have been increasingly looking at Bitcoin miner hosting service options.

Outsourced hosting comes in a variety of different options such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Some also refer to hosting when they are actually looking for colocation as well.

ASIC Miner Hosting Services

The best hosting for clients with less than 50 ASIC units. Below are some of the best “all in” (includes space, power, cooling and Internet) USD monthly rates that we have identified for three of the most popular Antminer units – Antminer S9 13.5TH, Antminer S17+ 67TH  & Antminer S19 Pro (we can offer host pricing on all types of ASIC and GPU rigs). MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity. Prices and availability change often. Email [email protected] to receive an updated list of available He colocation hosting locations.

Do QuoteColo hosting providers offer security?

Hosting companies offer basic physical security measures such as security fencing, closed-circuit cameras and on-site personnel.  Host providers monitor client miners 24×7 to ensure maximum uptime and no hash power is stolen from the network.

Do QuoteColo hosting providers offer insurance at their mining facilities?

Some hosting providers offer miner insurance and other hosts require clients to provide their own insurance if needed.

What types of access will I have to my miners?

Most hosting providers offer remote access such as VPN, remote management software, etc.  Some host providers offer physical access so clients can work, and trouble shoot their own miners.

What are Bitcoin Hosting services?

Standard Bitcoin mining hosting services include rack space, power, Internet, cooling and remote hands. Host providers will monitor client owned miners to ensure maximum uptime.

What does “all in” power cost mean?

Most hosting providers charge an “all in” rate for rack space, power, Internet, ventilation and remote hands/eyes. This “all in” rate does not include installation, miner fixes, etc. “All in” rates allow the client to compare pricing from a variety of miner hosting options.

How do I calculate the “all in” monthly power cost?

Equation = kw x electric rate x 24 hours x 30 days. Example monthly cost for a single Antminer S19 110Th at a rate of 8.5 cents  – 3.25kw x .085cents x 24 hours x 30 days = $198.75.

Are power rates ”locked-in”?

Most of our host providers offer a “locked-in” rate for power costs. These rates are typically available for 12, 24 and 36 month durations.

What kind of mining equipment can the mining facilities operate?

Our providers accept client owned ASIC and GPU rigs. Most hosting providers prefer well-known ASIC miners from Bitmain, MicroBT and Canaan.

Do QuoteColo hosting providers offer support and repair services?

Host providers offer eyes and hands support for simple tasks such as reboots, checking connections, etc. If a client owned miner needs fixing (hashboard, fan, etc.), hosts will repair on-site or off-site for a one-time fee.

How do I start mining with QuoteColo or their programs?

Clients can bring their own miners or purchase miners from one of our suppliers or hosting providers. We also have fully managed mining services with guaranteed terahash delivery with no need to purchase and host miners.

Can customers purchase their own transformers, hardware, space and mining containers for a Mining site?

Yes, we have options for clients looking for their own mining farm. Low-cost power, container, transformation and next generation miners can be provided.

How are the mining facilities cooled?

Depending upon the mining facility location and infrastructure, some hosts utilize air conditioning along with high powered air ventilation systems.

How many ASIC rigs are running on QuoteColo sites or how many have you placed…general number?

We have placed over 25,0000+ ASIC miners in colocation facilities across North America.

What mining pools are available?

Clients can typically choose their own mining pool unless otherwise specified by the host provider.

Do QuoteColo host providers monitor pool status?

Mining pools are managed by the pool provider.

Where are QuoteColo BTC mining centers, farms etc  located?

QuoteColo has host providers in several strategic low-cost power USA  locations in Texas, New York, Tennessee, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kentucky, Wyoming, etc. We also host options in Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba, Canada. International locations are available on a very limited scale. Locations and options are updated regularly.

What are the typical deposit and contract terms?

QuoteColo hosting providers offer a variety of contract terms – month to month, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month contract terms available. Deposit required typically varies from one to three months based on the provider’s terms.