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High Density Colocation

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High Density Colocation

High Density Colocation is a hosted solution offered by some providers, which enables consumers to have all the benefits of standard colocation, with the added benefit of enriched power usage. The idea is simple: a single cabinet or rack only has so much space, and that space is expensive.

High Density Colocation cuts down on the amount of space a client uses by enabling that client to break the industry standard 4 kW per cabinet. Most providers supply high density colocation in allotments of up to 20 kW. These power allotments are made possible by using megawatt feeds and blade server chassis.

Quick Space, Power and Cost Calculations

To quickly show why high density colocation is worth an investment, here is a series of quick calculations.

  • Let’s consider 20 2U Servers occupying a single cabinet. Each server uses 3 amps at 110 volts. This equates to roughly 60 amps or 7 kW of power. In a 4 kW limited data center, two cabinets would need to be purchased to handle these servers.
  • If the data center provider charges $1,500 per cabinet, that setup would cost $3,000. With a high density colocation facility stocking 20 kW cabinets, a single cabinet is needed – or a $1,500 spend.
  • Here’s another example, with 25 1U servers using 3 amps at 110 volts. This equates to roughly 75 amps or 9 kW of needed power. In a standard data center with 4 kW cabinets, 3 racks would be required to host purchased servers.
  • If the data center provider charges $1,500 per cabinet, this setup would cost $4,500 in monthly spend, because three cabinets are needed. With a high density colocation facility stocking 20 kW cabinets, a single cabinet is needed – or a $1,500 spend.

Transitioning to Blade Servers, Vertical vs. Horizontal 

High density colocation is about planning for the future.

Let us assume that your company uses five 4 kW cabinets for colocation. The cabinets would be half full because your servers eat up too much power. To grow the solution, new cabinets are needed to house new servers. This model grows horizontal IT infrastructure, equating to higher costs at lower power.

What happens when your company decides to moves the servers into a high density colocation facility stocked with 20 kW cabinets? Not only would your company have enough room to operate 10 kW servers per cabinet comfortably, but when the time comes to add blade servers designed to support virtual environments, your solution can grow vertically. This reduces colocation hosting space, power and cooling usage.

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