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QuoteColo is a no cost referral service. We offer new/used ASIC miners for sale from individual sellers and suppliers. We have been in business for 15+ years and very active in the Crypto industry since 2017. Here is how we work…

1) Tell us the type of miners you want and how many (ask us if you are not 100% sure).

2) We send your requirements to our pre-qualified & reliable miner suppliers

3) Our suppliers contact you directly via email with pricing and shipping estimates.

4) You decide which supplier best fits your needs and place the order directly with the supplier (we can assist with supplier feedback as well – # transactions we have done with them, existing client referrals, etc.)

Contact us methods – use form above, sales (at) or call 888-400-5732.

Send us an email ([email protected]) for our updated price list of used and new miners available in North America and the rest of the World.

Most Popular Miner Models

AVALON 1246-83T


Miner colocation hosting is also available for new next generation miners. Email for more details.


We also offer a buy/host packages and fully managed Bitcoin mining solutions. No need to purchase miners and hosting contracts. Prices and availability change often.

Guaranteed Terahash Options:

From $16.95/Th – MOQ 1,000Th

From $13.95/Th – orders over 50Ph (50,000Th)

No miners to purchase and 100% uptime guaranteed. You pay the one time fee plus a monthly fee ($1.69/Th) for electricity and you will receive your guaranteed terahash for 36 or 18 months. Please connect with us to learn more and to request an updated company brochure. Prices and availability change often, contact us for a custom quote.



With so many different bitcoin miners available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide on the best one for you. You might also be at a loss as to where to get a quality ASIC miner at a great price. This is when you need to use a broker to highlight the vast array of choices you really do have on the marketplace today. Such a broker will bring together sellers and buyers of bitcoin miners alike. The sellers have already been vetted and have demonstrated that they have quality pre-owned and brand new data miners. These are available around the United States and the world.

How To Get Started

To learn more about the possibilities that are out there for you, you just need to begin by requesting a quotation. Let the broker know what you need and what your unique specifications and requirements may be. Look online for more information and be ready to provide your own contact data so that the broker will be able to get in touch with you. You will want to state which specific model type you are interested in and how many miners you would like. This information is necessary in order for the broker to properly source what you need. It is also important to let the broker know where the miner will be delivered, as this will impact the final cost. You will end up getting a comprehensive quotation, but are under absolutely no obligation to purchase. This means that you really have nothing to lose. You can also call the broker directly and speak to them, or email their customer service staff.

Make Money in a Rapidly Changing Market

Even with the price of bitcoin fluctuating up and down so rapidly in today’s market, many clients are finding that they can make extreme profits with the most inexpensive of miners available from a broker. One of the industry workhorses, the S9 bitcoin miner, is a perfect example of this. They can be purchased rather inexpensively and be up and running in a host facility in no time at all. This provides users with a cost effective way of getting in on the ground floor of the bitcoin revolution. You can often find some great deals on these miners, such as the Antminer S9 13.5TH currently available in Russia. Buyers can get one for $300. No matter how many you end up buying, each one can then be hosted for only about $45 per month. This includes everything you need. The space, power, cooling features, and access to the Internet are accounted for in the month fee. This is an affordable way for many people around the world to get involved in the bitcoin industry.

Many Types of ASIC Miners Can Be Bought

You will typically save money if you buy in bulk, but individual units can be purchased as well. As an example, the current price of the Bitmain Antminer T15 is $580 per unit if you buy 100 or more. If you only need a few of them, you can still secure them for a great per unit price of $670. You will find that the pricing from such a broker will include the shipping and tariff’s for delivery right to your location anywhere in North America. Do keep in mind that there is typically an import charge of 2.7% that will need to be paid directly to the delivery company.

Buying in Bulk Saves Money

When you set out to obtain the best deal on an ASIC miner or an ASIC miner hosting service, keep in mind that buying in bulk almost always wins out. Pricing typically depends on volume. If do not need that many, consider pooling your resources with other bitcoin miners in the area to the get the best deals available. Keep in mind that the recent surge in bitcoin pricing has meant that many of the best deals on ASIC miners are hard to secure at the moment. You may find that the prices have gone up somewhat noticeably, but buying through a broker will still get you the best deal in the end.

If you are ready to make a splash in the bitcoin industry, look to a broker to get you the ASIC miner that you need. There are many options out there to choose from. The best part is that they can easily be shipped to your location, no matter where the miner like an Antminer S19 or the Antminer S21, is physically located at the moment.