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Austin Colocation

Austin Colocation
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Austin Colocation

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General Austin Colocation Pricing:*

12U, 10Amps 110v & 10Mbps – $349/month

22U, 15Amps 110v & 10Mbps – $549/month

42U, 20Amps 110v & 50Mbps – $630/month

*  Austin colocation prices change often, please contact us directly for a custom quote. We also offer per U, 1/4 & 1/2 rack and private cage pricing options.


Austin, TX has been making a name for itself as a new cultural hub in the South. As such, there is a multitude of Austin colocation providers QuoteColo can put you in contact with in order to get your company’s needs met. Call us at 888-400-5732 or submit your information through our contact forms. Here are the Austin colocation services we can offer.

Instant Quotes—Within 48 hours of hearing about your needs, QuoteColo will reply with a list of Austin Colocation providers that will be able to help.

Business Match: Beyond simply providing you a list of data centers with their price, QuoteColo will match you with the best services suited for you. We do this at absolutely no charge and there is no obligation to follow through.

Below are just some of the Austin Colocation Datacenters we can put you in contact with to get you the help your business needs:

•4100 Smith School Rd.
•1122 Colorado St., Suite 110
•218 McNeil Dr.
•800 Brazos #460
•1905 E. 6th St.
•1011 W. 5h, St.

With a population ever nearing 1,000,000, Austin has become known for its eclectic population that seems to me made up of equal parts government workers, musicians, college students, artists and workers in tech fields. The city’s unofficial slogan of “Keep Austin Weird” reflects its often alternative feel.

Austin is becoming known as much for its culture much like colocation in Dallas for its contributions to the tech industry. There is a steady stream of graduates from computer science and engineering programs pouring into the city every year and its hundred of employers which include 3M, Apple, eBay and Oracle just to name a few. With so much passion for technology in one city, QuoteColo will have no problem finding you the people who can help. Call us today at 888-400-5732 or submit a form through our website and we will begin solving your colocation problem.