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Quebec Bitcoin Mining

Quebec Bitcoin Mining
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Q4 2019 UPDATE: Best Bitcoin Pricing in Quebec – S9s $60-65, S17 $99-$110 USD all in (includes power, space cooling and Internet)


Other rates available for ASIC and GPU rigs. Please use form above, text 617 640 0309 or email sales(at)


Quebec is a large Canadian province located in the eastern portion of the company. It is the second most populated region of Canada, right behind Ontario. Due to the size of the region and its growth, many types of technology companies have sprung up over the years and done quite well. Bitcoin miners who have been trying to find a quality cryptocurrency mining host will find that Quebec has quite a few options available for them. Finding a qualified Quebec ASIC miner host has become more challenging these days because of electric company regulations on Crypto farms and the high amount of demand from North America, Asia and Europe.

When you are making your choice, you have to consider quite a few things about the Quebec Bitcoin mining colocation provider. You need to make sure they offer or can work with the type of mining equipment you have and want to use. They need to be secure, and they need to have great uptime, so you are not losing out on your ability to mine around the clock. They should have cooling redundancy and power redundancy, as well. The following are some of the top options that you may want to consider.


Quebec Bitcoin Miner Host #1: This cryptocurrency mining host can provide you with the hardware you need, as well as hosting. Their starting rate is $60 KWH. They offer premium miner hosting in Tier II and Tier III data centers and can provide you with the complete solutions you need. They can also offer Bitcoin consulting for those who are unsure of where to start. The provider offers a low power rate in a high-quality facility.


Quebec Bitcoin Miner Host #2: This ASIC miner host offers private mining dedicated pods, as well as a secure, reliable open mining center. They have a range of options, and those who are brand new to Bitcoin mining can learn more about what they need. You can let them know what type of miner you have and when you want to have them hosted. It is also possible for them to create a custom option for you. This is a highly secure site that offers anonymity. The starting rate is $80 KWH.


Quebec Bitcoin Miner Host #3: Costs for this company tend to be around $90 KWH, but this can vary. ASIC mining hosting provider #3 offers a range of hosting options, including Antminer L3+ ($90+$50 one-time fee, Antminer S9 ($120+$50 one-time fee), and even GPU mining. Those who are looking for a quality, reliable ASIC hosting facility will find that this provider can offer a range of benefits. They have low-cost electricity, maintenance and support are included, and they have daily payouts. They can work with any type of miner that you ship to them, and you can even buy miners through the company.


Quebec Bitcoin Miner Host #4: This is new miner only host facility in Quebec with 6MW of power available. Their secure facility is 40,000 square feet and will host ASIC miners and GPU rigs. They offer 24/7 support, management and monitoring. VPN access to your miners is standard at no additional costs. All in KW pricing starts at $69 USD with the following USD rates for standard ASIC models – S9 $96, L3+ $59, A3 $92 and D3 $83. We expect this facility to sell out FAST so please contact us quickly.


As you can plainly see, there is a range of options from which you can choose with your ASIC miner host. If you need help making your choice, you can contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us by using the form on this page, or you can call us directly at 888-400-5732. You can email us at Sales @, too.