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North Carolina Colocation

North Carolina Colocation
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North Carolina Colocation

As the state of North Carolina covers a wide area, it should come as no surprise that there are many different North Carolina colocation services available. The best way to find your way and choose the right one for your needs is to work with QuoteColo. We will help you compare the North Carolina colocation pricing and choose the best data center.

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With the rise of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads causing a demand for high-density colocation solutions, many colocation providers offer racks with advanced cooling with rack power densities up to 85kW. Instead of using racks with limited power of 2kW, clients can choose high kW rack solutions with front and rear door cooling and direct-to-chip cooling for their high-performance GPUs. Utilizing a high-density colocation allows for maximized performance, reduced operational risks and overall costs.

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As North Carolina is an entire state, there are many colocation centers within it. Here are just some of the addresses of these centers:

• 100 Technology Drive, Asheville, NC
• 500 Gregson Dr., Cary, NC
• 113 N. Myers, Charlotte, NC
• 2394 Penny Road, Claremont, NC
• 294 Ellis Rd., Durham, NC
• 2100 Garner Station Blvd., Garner, NC
• 414 N. Church Street, Greensboro, NC
• 5150 McCrimmon Parkway, Morrisville, NC
• 1918 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC
• 101 N. Chestnut St., Winston-Salem, NC

North Carolina is a state in the southeastern United States and has the tenth highest population in the country. Although the capital of North Carolina is Raleigh, the largest city in the state is Charlotte which contains a great deal of colocation data centers.

The state’s economy relies on several areas including many areas of agriculture as well as manufacturing. In recent years, large cities such as Charlotte have grown greatly in terms of finance and technology. Raleigh contains the SAS Institute and the state also contains the Research Triangle Park.

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