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Washington Bitcoin Mining

Washington Bitcoin Mining
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Bitcoin Mining Colocation in Washington State USA


We Provide Free, No Obligation Mining Hosting Quotes From Pre-Qualified Miner Hosting Facilities in Washington State and other parts of North America. We also offer ASICs for sale and have the ability to order any type of miner hardware that you require.  Many of our host partners offer next gen buy/host packages (eliminate shipping, delays, etc) from all the major manufacturers – Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc. 

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 Bitcoin mining colocation in Washington State has been a very popular topic. Washington State, well known for its cooler climates and cost-effective utility rates (2-3 cents a kwh), has become a “Mecca” for entrepreneurs and miners looking to set up Bitcoin mining operations. Cheap electricity and cooler climates are required for miners to run their power intensive and hot machines in order to make a profit with the shifting pricing in the Crypto Currency market. With the ever increase of power requests from these mining operations, local electric utilities are feeling the strain on their infrastructure. Many of the local utilities have started to raise the electric rates and charge added tariffs on “high density” users. Some Washington ASIC miner hosting operations have stayed put while others are leaving the State looking for a better and more reliable electric rate.

Washington State has become a tough place to mine for Crypto due to the “bear” Crypto market and several of the local Utilities cutting off cheap rates for mining farms. If you are flexible on location, please contact us directly. We have miner hosts all over North America starting at $42kwH all in (ie) S9 all in pricing starting at $54USD a month.


Bitcoin Mining Hosting Companies in Washington State


  1. Wenatchee, Washington ASIC colocation provider offers packages starting from $50-$85/kwh. Space and capacity is very limited.
  2. Seattle, Washington miner colocation host offers $70/kwh rate for pre paid 6 month packages on standard Antminers and custom rigs.
  3. General Enterprises – multiple high capacity data centers in Washington, State. Space and power available Q2-Q3 2018.
  4. Another Wenatchee, Washington ASIC hosting facility offer starter plans from 5.75/kw an hour to larger plan that start at 7.50/kw an hour.
  5. Bothell, Washington mining colocation offers a starter package for $120/month per miner with no minimums and a 12 month term. They also offer a $115/month per miner package with 100KW minimum and 12 month term.
  6. Moses Lake, Washington hosts standard Antminers and custom rigs.  Pricing starts at $150kw. Antminer S9 $206/month on 12 month term and $195/month on 24 month term.  Antminer L3+ $128/month on 12 month term and $121/month on 24 month term.
  7. Seattle, Washington host’s starter package starts at $95/kw, mid size pricing for 50-200kw starts at $85/kw and  200+ kw starts at $70/kw.



Advantages of Miner Colocation in Washington State


  • Cool climate keeps your miners at the correct ambient temperature year round.
  • Low electric rates allow you to achieve a better ROI.
  • Several “miner friendly” data center colocation to choose from.



To obtain your set of free quotes, please use our contact form, or email sales (at) or call 888-400-5732. Our service is free and there is no obligation. Please contact us today!