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Los Angeles Data Center

Los Angeles Data Center
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QuoteColo is a no-cost service that helps companies find a Los Angeles data center that will offer IT solutions that are reliable and efficient.
los angeles data center

With the city of Los Angeles thriving as an area that supports bio-medical and digital information technology corporations, along with a number of other high-tech businesses, it’s important to find a Los Angeles colocation pricing for a data center that can meet the IT needs of many of these companies. QuoteColo will help match companies with the best data centers in Los Angeles, and can help provide them affordable solutions for a myriad of IT needs, including colocation space, data server space management, cloud hosting, cloud computing and disaster recovery services.

Los Angeles is one of the best locations on the West Coast to find cheap data center colocation pricing. Savvy clients who search around or use a service like QuoteColo can source the following colocation pricing in Los Angeles:

1) 1U, 1 amp and 1 Mbps for $79/month

2) 20U, 20 amp, 50 Mbps for $599/month

3) 42U, 20 amp, 100 Mbps for $999/month

Los Angeles California Colocation Providers

Below is a partial list of the best data center hosting companies in LA:

  • Los Angeles Colocation
    600 West 7th Street
    Los Angeles, CA
    600 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA
    624 South Grand Avenue, Suite 110
    Los Angeles, CA
    624 South Grand Avenue, Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA
    600 W. 7th Street, Suite 510
    Los Angeles, CA
    600 W. 7th Street, Suite 510, Los Angeles, CA
QuoteColo can help find the best LA hosting solutions!
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As a no-cost service for customers seeking to find a Los Angeles data center, QuoteColo works with hundreds of colocation providers to help find suitable and affordable IT solutions that are cost-efficient, reliable and effective. Contact us today for your free set of quotes!

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