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Antminer D3 Colocation

Antminer D3 Colocation
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Antminer D3 Hosting Colocation



Antminer D3


The Antminer D3 was specifically designed by Bitmain to mine for DASH which is one of the top ten Cryptocurrencies in the World. Compared to other Antminers and GPU units, the Antminer D3 is considered by many to be the most efficient DASH miner on the market. With a hash rate of 15 GH/s and an efficient power rate use of 1200 watts, miners are achieving a very fast and cost-effective ROI.  Bitmain released the D3 in the middle of 2017 and they sold out FAST. Today, miners can find these units on popular websites like Amazon and Ebay starting at $900. Keep in mind that you will probably also want to purchase the recommended  Bitmain power supply unit (PSU) for around $150.


Antminer D3 Pros


  • Low Start Up Cost
  • Efficient and Ease of Use
  • Most profitable DASH miner available


Antminer Cons


  • Does not come with PSU
  • Noisy especially with multiple units



Antminer D3 Hosting Colocation


From our experience, its seems like the majority of our miner clients who are using the Antminer D3 are also mining with other Antminers such as the S9, L3+, etc. The D3 gives them some diversification in their Crypto mining hosting portfolio. With this many Antminers running at once, it make sense to consider an outsourced colocation option. Along with offering more cost-effective power rates, miner hosts provide the following – 24x7x365 security and maintenance, mechanical cooling and 99% uptime. Our service is free and we will find you the best miner hosting companies that are the best fit for your specific set of mining requirements. We have “miner friendly” hosting companies all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.



Best Antminer Hosting Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Atlanta, Georgia $108/month


Charlotte, North Carolina $140/month


Chicago, Illinois $150/month

Dallas, Texas $150/month


Houston, Texas $120/month


Indiana $108/month


New York State $85/month


Quebec, Canada $108


Toronto, Canada $150/month



The above list does NOT include all of our locations. If you are looking for a different location or better pricing, please let us know. On a daily basis, we are constantly adding new “miner friendly” host locations to our database.