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Antminer L3 & New/Used L3s For Sale

Antminer L3 & New/Used L3s For Sale
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Antminer L3+ Colocation & Antminer L3 For Sale




If you are interested in buying or selling Antminer L3s, please fill out the form above and in the “Requirements” field – please provide the following information – (1) Buy or Sell (2) Model type (3) Quantity (4) and Location of the Miners (if applicable). You can also call 888-400-5732 or emails sales (at) as well.

QuoteColo is a no cost referral service. Services we offer via our network:

  1. Buy/Sell ASIC miners – used & new miners from Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc.
  2. ASIC miner hosting – locations in North America, EU, Russia and China. Rates from 5 cents kwh.
  3. Buy/host ASIC miner packages – Antminer S19, S17, etc. MOQ 1.
  4. Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining – 500TH MOQ, $39.55/Th. 100% uptime guaranteed.

If you are looking for other types of used/new miners, please email sales (at) for a link to our Google pricing sheet.

As of 2021, used L3 miners are hard to find along with qualified hosting space as well.



(Please keep in mind that this is NOT an Ebay or Amazon type marketplace, we offer bulk and wholesale price options for buyers looking to purchase larger quantities of ASIC/L3 miners at a discounted rate. Listed prices can be negotiated based on volume.)

Kansas City, MO –  205 L3+ with PSU, $75 each plus fees and shipping

Houston, TX – 300 L3 with PSU, $70 each plus shipping

Dallas, TX – 55 L3+ with PSU, $85 each plus ship cost

Atlanta, GA – 83 L3 includes PSU, $79 each plus shipping

Minneapolis, MN – 100 L3+ w PSU, $85 a unit plus shipping cost or pick up

Cleveland, Ohio – 300 L3 with PSU, $85 each plus shipping

New Jersey – 75 L3+ w PSU, $90 each plus shipping

Denver, CO – 1000 L3+ w PSU, $75 with PSU plus shipping

Toronto, CAN – 100 L3 w PSU, $80USD  with PSU plus shipping and other fees

Quebec, CAN – 25 L3 w  PSU, $85USD w PSU plus shipping or pick up

Austria – 1000 L3+ with PSU, $80USD each plus shipping and fees

China – 2000 L3+ with PSU, $70USD plus shipping and fees (minimum order 500)

Russia – 1300 L3+ with PSU, $75USD plus shipping and fees (no shipping or fees with hosting contract)



* This is ONLY a partial list and the supply of used L3 options changes on a daily basis. Please contact at sales (at) or call/text 617-640-0309 for more information.




Bear Market Colocation Hosting Strategy – With the recent uptick in the price of LiteCoin, many savvy mining hosting clients and Bitcoin miners are taking advantage of buying used L3 Antminers and finding inexpensive mining farms and hosts to colo them. Contact us for more details to learn more.



Antminer L3+


The Antminer L3+ offers a hashing rate of 504 mH/s and is becoming one of the more popular off the shelf miners in the market. Crypto miners looking for a substantial LiteCoin ROI are achieving profits up to $50USD a day! In the Crypto boom days an Antminer L3+ would cost around $2000USD which was not that bad compared to other popular Antminer models. Today, quality used L3 models can be purchased around $70-$85 a piece. Just like its brethren the Antminer S9, you will need to purchase a PSU.  According to the specification sheets, the L3+ will consume about 800-1110 watts depending on the batch date and specific model #.


Antminer L3+ Pros


  • Ease of use & cost-effective initial buy rate
  • Top Hashrate compared to other LiteCoin miners
  • Best ROI (as of March 2018)


Antminer L3+ Cons


  • Loud, loud and louder
  • More than a few units, you will need a colocation data center



Antminer L3+ Colocation Hosting


With its cost-effectiveness and ROI capabilities, the L3+ is a Crypto miner’s dream. Instead of hosting these at home or at your office, these units can be hosted at mining data center at a very reasonable monthly price point. Miner data centers offer better electrical rates than most residences and commercial offices. Since the L3+ only uses 800 watts off the shelf, most miner hosts can offer some very attractive monthly pricing for LiteCoin miners looking to achieve an substantial ROI. Along with their cost-effective power rates, qualified miner hosts also offer a high level of physical and network security, 24×7 technical support and advanced cooling capabilities.



Best Antminer L3+ Colocation Hosting Pricing (volumes may apply)


Alberta Canada $50/month


Atlanta, GA – $45/month


Central NYS – $50/month


Indiana – $60/month


Dallas, TX – $55/month


Kansas City, MO – $74/month


Tampa. FL – $80/month


Las Vegas, NV – $85/month


China – $40/month


The colocation pricing above is only a partial list of option. Our hosting colocation pricing and locations change on a weekly basis so if you want to investigate L3+ colocation hosting pricing, please give our free service a try. We will connect you with the most qualified and cost-effective Antminer colocation providers in North America and Europe.