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Antminer L3 Colocation

Antminer L3 Colocation
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Antminer L3+ Hosting



Antminer L3+


The Antminer L3+ offers a hashing rate of 504 mH/s and is becoming one of the more popular off the shelf miners in the market. Crypto miners looking for a substantial LiteCoin ROI are achieving profits up to $50USD a day! As of this writing, you can buy an Antminer L3+ from $1300 – $2100USD which is not that bad compared to other popular Antminer models. Just like its brethren the Antminer S9, you will need to purchase a PSU for around a $150 one time cost. According to the specification sheets, the L3+ will consume about 800 watts.


Antminer L3+ Pros


  • Ease of use & cost-effective initial buy rate
  • Top Hashrate compared to other LiteCoin miners
  • Best ROI (as of March 2018)


Antminer L3+ Cons


  • Loud, loud and louder
  • More than a few units, you will need a colocation data center



Antminer L3+ Colocation Hosting


With its cost-effectiveness and ROI capabilities, the L3+ is a Crypto miner’s dream. Instead of hosting these at home or at your office, these units can be hosted at mining data center at a very reasonable monthly price point. Miner data centers offer better electrical rates than most residences and commercial offices. Since the L3+ only uses 800 watts off the shelf, most miner hosts can offer some very attractive monthly pricing for LiteCoin miners looking to achieve an substantial ROI. Along with their cost-effective power rates, qualified miner hosts also offer a high level of physical and network security, 24×7 technical support and advanced cooling capabilities.



Best Antminer L3+ Colocation Hosting Pricing (volumes may apply)


Alberta Canada $50/month


Atlanta, GA – $70/month


Central NYS – $60/month


Indiana – $70/month


Kansas City, MO – $74/month


Tampa. FL – $85/month


Las Vegas, NV – $95/month



If you want to investigate L3+ colocation hosting pricing, please give our free service a try. We will connect you with the most qualified and cost-effective Antminer colocation providers in North America and Europe.