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Antminer S9 Colocation & New/Used S9s For Sale

Antminer S9 Colocation & New/Used S9s For Sale
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Antminer S9 Colocation & Antminer S9 For Sale


Please keep in mind that this is NOT an Ebay or Amazon type marketplace, we offer bulk and wholesale price options for buyers looking to purchase larger quantities of Antminer S9 miners at a discounted rate. Listed prices can be negotiated based on volume and available supply.

Used Antminer S9 with PSU can be sourced in North America and China starting at $75 USD a piece (prices change daily depending on supply and volume needed).

The Antminer S9 is becoming less popular with the release of next generation miners such as the Antminer S17. These newer units offer a better ROI with more TH and less power used compared to the legacy Antminer S9. With the price of BTC below $10,000, the only farms still profiting from using S9 units are paying less than 5 cents in power.

For an updated S9 inventory and custom price quote, please contact us via the methods below:

  • (email) sales (at)
  • (text) 617-640-0309
  • (phone) 888-400-5732
  • (contact) form above


2020 -PARTIAL USED Antminer S9 list of inventory and pricing options (while supplies last)

Edmonton, Canada – 100+ used Antminer S913.5TH, $85 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 10

Edmonton, Canada – 80 NEW Antminer S913.5TH, $80 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 10

Quebec, Canada – 400 used Antminer S9 13.5TH, $75 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 100

Montreal, Canada – 340 used Antminer S9 13.5TH, $80 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 100

NJ, USA – 20 used Antminer S9 13.5TH, good condition, $90 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 20

NJ, USA – 3 used Antminer S9 13.5TH, $95 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 3

WPB, Florida – 41 Antminer 14TH, $80 each USD plus shipping, MOQ 41

Washington, USA – 8100 Antminer S9 13.5TH, $95 each plus shipping, MOQ 1000

Other USA locations – 1000+, Antminer S9 13.5TH, $75 USD plus shipping, MOQ 100

China – 1000 + Antminer S9 13.5TH, working condition, $75 each USD plus shipping and fees, MOQ 50

(inventory options and prices change daily, please email us to be on our “monthly S9 inventory” email list at


As the Antminer S9 units get older, savvy mining clients are looking for next gen miners such as the Antminer S17 53TH. At the moment we have those immediately available with a hosting package from $1750 each USD.

Several of our mining host partners are now offering very simple Antminer S17 buy/host options. Avoid shipping, taxes, customs costs and get hashing immediately at some of the lowest power rates available.

Quebec, Canada

  • Buy S17 Pro 56TH 2520 watts for $1995 and host for $144/month
  • MOQ 1
  • Email sales (at) for more details and order information.


  • Buy S17E 50TH 2700 watts for $1899 and host for $111.78/month
  • Buy S17E 64TH 2880 watts for $2049 and host for $119.23/month
  • MOQ 10

Colorado, USA

  • Buy S17 Pro 50TH 1975 watts for $1750 and host for $98.46/month
  • Buy S17+ 73TH 3100 watts for $2600 and host for $143.30/month
  • Buy Whatsminer M20S 68TH 3360 watts for $2500 and host for $164.18
  • MOQ 25

Nebraska, USA

  • Buy S17 Pro 50TH 1975 watts (contact us for pricing)
  • Buy S17+ 73TH 3100 watts (contact us for pricing)
  • MOQ 1

* Pricing in USD. All in hosting pricing include power, cooling, space and Internet.




THIS LIST BELOW ARE ANTMINER S9 DEALS THAT HAVE BEEN SOLD IN 2019. Please contact sales (at), text 617-640-0309 or call 888-400-5732 for updated options and pricing.



Kansas City, MO – 3200 S9 13.5TH, $145USD each, minimum buy quantity of 500 units, buyer responsible for shipping costs or just pick up

Quebec, Canada – 1300 S9 (mix of 13.5 & 14.5 TH) $155 USD each plus shipping

Canada – S9 13.5TH, $135 USD plus shipping (MOQ of 1000+)

Dallas, TX – 215 S9 13.5 TH, $170USD each, buyer responsible for shipping costs

Los Angeles, CA – 15 S9 12.5TH, $170 each, buyer pays shipping cost

Albany, New York – 90 S9 13.5TH, $165 each, seller will ship to anywhere in USA, buyer pays for shipment cost

New Orleans, LA – 523 S9 13.5TH, $169 each, buyer must take ALL and pay shipping costs

Seattle, Washington – 90 S9 13.5TH, $170 each, buyer pays shipping

Alberta, Canada – 110 S9 13.5TH, $175USD, buyer pays shipment costs and duties

New York City, NY – 23 S9 12.5TH, $170 w PDU, pick up or pay shipping

New Jersey – 25 S9 13.5th & 50 L3+ all with PSU, call for pricing

Atlanta, GA – 500 S9 13.5TH w psu, $215USD, pick up or pay shipping

Los Angeles, CA – 15 S9j units, $180USD, plus shipping

Quebec City, Canada – 500 S9 13.5TH, $195USD plus shipping and taxes (if applicable)

Miami, Fl – 56 S9 14.5TH, $275 plus shipping

Vancouver, CAN – 200 S9 14.5TH without PSU, client pays shipping and fees, $299 each

China – 5000 S9 12.5TH, $308 each plus shipping and tariffs


If you are interested in buying or selling Antminer S9s, please fill out the form above and in the “Requirements” field – please provide the following information – (1) Buy or Sell (2) Model type (3) Quantity (4) and Location of the Miners (if applicable). You can also call 888-400-5732 or emails sales (at) as well.


For miners who do NOT own gear, we offer buy/host options which eliminates the hassle and costs of shipping and allows the client to get up and running sooner to achieve an ROI.

Buy/Host Used S9 Packages: Updated December 2019

Quebec, Canada – Buy onsite used S9s for $100 and host them for $65 USD all in. MOQ of 50.

Russia (USA owned company) – Buy onsite used S9s for $200 and host them from $46 USD all in. MOQ of 3.

North Dakota – Buy onsite used S9s for $110 and host them for $65 USD all in. No MOQ.

Colorado – Buy onsite used S9s for $100 and host them for $65 USD all in. MOQ of 100.


BEAR MARKET COLOCATION STRATEGY: Purchase used Antminer S9s and find low a lost cost colocation host to achieve an ROI. Contact us for up to date pricing options. Several of our clients have taken advantage of this strategy and are making money even with the raidly changing price of Bitcoin. As an example, several of our clients have taken advantage of this package offered in Russia (USA owned company): Buy certified used S9s 14.5TH (onsite already which means not taxes or shipping costs) and host them for $46USD a month “all in.” With BTC over 10k, an ROI can be achieved in approximately 5 months.


To receive a free whitepaper on “How Bitcoin Miners Adapt In a Bear Market” just fill out our contact form above and write “Bear Market Whitepaper” in the requirements field. Contact us directly at the form above if you are interested in either selling or buying used S9s or other ASICs. We have a HUGE network of both buyers and sellers available and our inventory of options changes on a daily basis.

New Antminer Bitmain Pricing (100 + units/less than 100 units)*

Bitmain Antminer S11 $526/$439

Bitmain Antminer S15 $935/$935

Bitmain Antminer T15 $580/$670

* above pricing includes shipping and tariff costs to North America, customer responsible for 2.7% import fee paid directly to the courier.


Antminer S9 Specifications & Details
With a hash rate of 12.93TH/s +- 7%, the Antminer S9 is the workhouse of the mining
industry for Bitcoin mining. It is considered the most efficient miner available on the
market and initially came out with a hefty price tag – $2000 to $2700 a unit. If you plan on running
the S9, you will also need to purchase a power supply unit (PSU).Depending upon the release date, the Antminer S9 uses anywhere from 1.3 to
1.5 KW per unit. As of June 2019, quality used/new S9s can be purchased with PSU from $350+ a unit (shipped) depending upon volume.


Antminer S9 Pros

  • Best hashing rate out there compared to other miners
  • Self contained and user friendly (even for noobs)
  • Easy to colo (most miner hosts can offer tech support, replacement parts, etc.)

Antminer S9 Cons

  • Expensive to purchase and to keep running (electricity and cooling)
  • You will need to purchase an extra PSU
  • Hard to find a mining pool for only a few S9s

Antminer S9 Colocation Hosting

If you have Antminer S9 units, what are your options to get them running? You can hire
an electrician to wire up an expensive 220v circuit at your living quarters or office, You
will need to fan/cool them and make sure they are secure. You will need to inform your
roommates, employees or partner that these machines are loud (80dB!) and HOT. Better
yet, you can find a “miner friendly” colocation service. Miner host are located all over
North America, Canada and Europe. Commercial power rates are more economical than
residential rates and qualified hosts can keep your S9 Antminers and other  ASICs (L3+,A3, D3, etc.)
cool and hashing 24x7x365. Our service will source you the best option and quotes from
the most qualified Antminer colocation facilities.


Best deals Q3 2019

Georgia (USA) $65USD  per S9 (all in)

New York State $65USD per S9 (all in, 100+ minimum)

Texas $70USD per S9 (all in, Jan 2019)

Louisiana $70USD per S9 (all in)

Alberta Canada $65USD per S9 (all in)

Kuwait $69USD per S9, 100+ S9s $59USD (all in)

China $55-$65USD per S9 (all in)

Russia $40USD  per S9 (all in)

Iran $39 to $54 per S9 (all in, pricing depends upon volume and payment options)

Larger volumes of 500+ ASICs will receive better discounts

USA & Canada 3 to 6.5¢ (pricing depends on MW, managed and unmanaged pricing available)

Please keep in mind that with the existing market changes,  ASIC hosting prices change on a daily basis based on volume, install time frame, etc. Please contact us directly for a custom quote and we will do our best to get you the most cost-effective quotes available in these hard times for making an ROI.

Other Antminer Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)

  1. Atlanta area $65/month
  2. Ohio/$67 month
  3. Texas $70/month
  4. Kansas City $80/month
  5. Las Vegas, NV $90/month
  6. New Jersey $100/month
  7. New York State $63/month
  8. Tampa, Fl $95/month
  9. Quebec, CA $75/month
  10. Washington ST – $85/month
  11. Albert Canada – $76/month
  12. Kuwait – $59/month (100+ units)
  13. China – $65/month
  14. Toronto Canada – $76/month
  15.  Alaska $60/month (March 2019)
  16.  Colorado $85/month

The above is NOT our full list of options, we have additional miner hosts all over North America and in Europe. Our database of qualified Antminer Hosts is growing daily. Please contact us today for your set of FREE custom quotes.