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Antminer X3
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Antminer X3


The Antminer X3 is a high-quality, flexible mining system nearly guaranteed to give you a return on your investment. It has a low power consumption at 550 watts and a hashrate of 220 KH/s. The return percentage for this unit varies based on the situation but should pay for itself in under a month of use. This particular system has led to many products from competitors, but it stays on top due to its exceptional features. Some users have concerns that the profits from the system will drop in the future, but for now, it is an excellent option for a serious miner. Ethernet connectivity provides protection against breaks that might be common with a wireless connection. At this time, at least ten different types of cryptocurrency can be mined by the machine, including Monero, Dashcoin, AEON, and DarkNetCoin.


Antminer X3 Pros


  • Features CryptoNight ASIC for ultimate profit potential
  • Cost per day is relatively low and more than made up for with the returns
  • Compatible with many different mining operations


Antminer X3 Cons


  • Must purchase separate power supply to use the X3
  • Price may be too high for some potential users
  • Extremely noisy at 76 db


Antminer X3 Colocation Hosting


You have two options when it comes to hosting your Bitcoin mining system. The first, and easier of the two, is to seek out colocation hosting. Your machine will be off-site where professionals will ensure proper security is ensured and temperatures are kept where they need to be. You can choose to host your miner at home or from your office, but this can be problematic due to the large amount of heat these machines produce and the noisiness while they mine. You’ll end up paying a bundle for the energy use, which isn’t the case when you host in a facility like the ones listed below.


Best Antminer X3 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Quebec, Canada – $35/month

Oregon – $35/month

Alberta, Canada – $32.50/month

New York – $37.50/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $40/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $37.50/month

Tampa, Florida – $37.50/month

Las Vegas, Nevada – $55/month

North Carolina – $40/month

Dallas, Texas – $50/month


The above prices may change and are not guaranteed to be accurate at the time of viewing. We also often bring in new locations which might have more affordable hosting options available for your mining needs. In order to determine the best pricing and location for your needs, you can contact us through our form on