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Canada Bitcoin Mining

Canada Bitcoin Mining
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Bitcoin Mining Colocation Hosting in Canada   Best ASIC USD “all in” hosting rates available in Canada. Pricing and availability change often. Alberta – S19 $184, S17 $149 – prices range from 6 to 7 cents all in Calgary – S19 $175, S17 $130 – prices range from 6 to 7 cents all in British Columbia – S19 $170, S17 $109, prices range from 5.5 to 6.5 cents all in Toronto/Quebec – S19 $180, S17 $120, prices range from 6.5 to 7.5 cents all in Contact us for all other ASIC and GPU hosting rates. We also offer buy/host options for all ASIC models (S19, S17, M30, M20, etc.) We can source miners from Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc. Contact Us

  We also have a very popular fully managed Bitcoin mining solution available.  Instead of buy/hosting miners, you can purchase 500Th+ of guaranteed hashing power for 36 months. It offers 100% uptime guarantee, 24 x 7 support, and insurance, along with ROI/Profitability guidance. Minimum order quantity is 500Th starting at $41.95/Th. Send us an email and we will forward the updated managed Bitcoin mining brochure and current pricing and availability. Our partner mining hosts offer ASIC miner buy/host options with next generation miners – S19, S19 Pro, M20, M30, M31, A1246, A10, Z15, L3, etc. You buy the miner directly from the host and they will install it in their mining facility and get you connected. Monthly hosting rates around 7.5c to 9c kwh all in.  When you are done mining, they will send the miner back to you. Contact us for updated pricing and availability.   We offer large clients with 1MW+ 4-5 cents kwh USD, managed and unmanaged mining solutions along with miner container sourcing. We have 3 gas plants that are permitted and ready for deployment of our power generation and hosting containers. We can do up to 10MW on each site and can have operational within 60-90 days. Sites are located 90 min from Edmonton and 120 Min drive from Calgary in Central Alberta. Exact location will be provided once potential client is under NDA. Managed/Unmanaged monthly costs with volume discounts per MW if applicable? Just power is 6.0 cents CDN (4.5 USD) plus tax per kw/h. Fully hosted is 7.0 cents CDN (5.3 USD) per kw/h. First and last 2 months power payments and no other upfront costs.     Canada has some of the cheapest power rates in North America.  The cities of Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver rank as the top 5 cheapest electrical rates per Hyrdo-Quebec’s rate analysis.  For clients looking for Bitcoin mining colocation Canada and hosting options, Canada seems to be the place to start first! Not so fast! Even though the electric power rates are so low in Canada, there are very few commercial data centers that offer colocation and hosting services to miners. Many of the larger Canadian colocation companies such as Cologix, Rogers, Cogeco, Sungard and CenterServ have zero interest in working with miners for several reasons. Antminers, GPU rigs and other custom miners use four times the average power compared to standard web and application servers. Along with the burden of power, these machines require a tremendous amount of cooling in which many of these traditional data center operators just can’t and don’t want to handle or accommodate.  With the fluctuating Crypto Currency market, miner clients are looking for the best rates and these traditional data centers can not compete on price and most are not willing to do so.   Here at QuoteColo, we have identified several “miner friendly” colocation facilities in Canada. Some of these are 100% focused on just mining activities and others are regional data center companies that have set aside “whitespace” just for miner colocation and hosting. These data centers operate secure 24×7 facilities and are familiar with Crypto Currencies and can provide rack and stack services, remote reboots and hand/eyes support for your miners.   Quebec Bitcoin Mining Colocation   Our Quebec 100,000 square foot ASIC miner hosting site will host all ASIC and Antminer model Average kW rate is $60 all in. Installation is approximately equivalent to one month fee. Popular Antminer units such the S9 will cost $75/month all in (includes space, power and cooling.) with a ten miner minimum.   Toronto Bitcoin Mining Colocation   Our Milton, Ontario (near Toronto) Bitcoin data center is available now at $100US. Installation is approximately equivalent to one month fee. Popular Antminer units such the S9 cost $90US/month all in (includes space, power and cooling.) with no miner minimums.   We have several other data centers in the greater Toronto area that will host your mining gear. Pricing ranges from $90 to $150USD a month “all in.”   Toronto-Ontario-canada-mining-colocation   Montreal Bitcoin Mining Colocation   Our Montreal data center is tier 3 data center that primarily focuses on traditional colocation and dedicated server clients. They have put some space and power aside for ASIC hosting and mining equipment and are ready to do business; Popular Antminer S9s will cost approximately $75/month with no Antminer S19 minimums.   Get Quotes Today   Pricing and availability changes very quickly in this industry and we do our best to update our website often. If you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know! QuoteColo has been a broker/referral agent for 20+ years. Our Crypto mining hosting in Canada service is free and we will source you direct quotes from the most qualified mining colocation companies in Canada. Fill out our contact form, email us info (at) or call 888-400-5732.