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GPU Miner Hosting

GPU Miner Hosting
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GPU Miner Hosting


Trying to find a qualified GPU miner hosting company is like finding a needle in a hay stack. The majority of the well known data centers such as Equinix, Digital Realty Trust, CoreSite, Internap, etc., will not even consider hosting mining units. The majority of Antminer hosting colocation providers will not host GPU rigs as well. The hosts that will accept GPU rigs prefer encased rigs versus open air units. QuoteColo has been in business for 15+ years and we have multiple “GPU miner friendly” hosting and Bitcoin mining colocation providers.

As of Q4 2019, GPU miner hosting rates vary from 6.5 to 7.5 cents USD across North America. Contact us on the form above or by the following methods:

  • Call 888-400-5732
  • Text 617-640-0309
  • Email


Pros of GPU Miner Hosting

• Miners can build their own rigs or buy premade rigs from qualified vendors all over the North America, Canada or Europe.

• Miners have the flexibility to decide what type of CryptoCurrency they want to make money on – Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.

• Better ROI – GPU rigs tend to be more cost-effective than Antminers and other “off the shelf” miners.


Cons of GPU Mining Hosting

• If you plan on building your own rig, you need a high level of IT expertise.

• Purchasing GPU mining rigs make take 3-4 weeks for delivery (actually not that bad compared to waiting for new Antminers from China).

• Finding a GPU host (we can help with this option) is challenging because mining at a home or an office is a major burden because of the power, noise and cooling issues.


Finding a qualified GPU Miner Hosting Service

QuoteColo has options for your GPU mining requirements. We have been in the very active in CryptoCurrency colocation hosting space since 2015. We have “GPU miner friendly” hosting companies all over North America and Europe. Below are a few locations in which we have qualified GPU hosts. Pricing, locations and availability change often, please contact us directly for more details.

North Carolina – $79 KW

Dallas, Texas – $65 KW

Houston, Texas – $75 KW

Indiana – $80 KW

Illinois – $90 KW

Kansas City, MO – $80 KW

New Jersey – $100 KW

Virginia – $85 KW

Las Vegas – $105 KW

Washington State – $75 KW

Quebec, Canada – $65 KW

Alberta, Canada – $65 KW



If you are looking for a GPU miner host, please contact us today. Fill out our contact form above, email sales (at) or call 888-400-5732. We will source you direct quotes from qualified GPU hosting companies in your requested area.