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Avalon 821
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Avalon 821


The Avalon 921 comes from Canaan Creative and features 16nm ASIC chip technology. It’s an 8th generation system with more power efficiency than the 7th generation systems could provide. There is no controller built into the 821, so you will need to have one on hand. You will also need a power supply to connect the unit to before you can use it. If you plan to chain a handful of these systems, up to 20 can be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. All in all, this is a reasonable unit that gets the job done without being overly expensive.


Avalon 821 Pros


  • Hashrate is impressive at 11TH/s at 1200-watt power consumption
  • Return on investment is reasonable with a potential for adequate profit
  • Contains 104 A3210 16nm chips for reliability and power


Avalon 821 Cons


  • Requires the purchase of a controller, such as a Raspberry Pi
  • Setup can take some time and effort and is more suited to experienced users
  • Will need to purchase or have on hand an appropriate power supply unit


Avalon 821 Colocation Hosting


After acquiring your new Avalon 821, the next step is to get things up and running. If you want to run them from home, you’ll need the services of an electrician to have an expensive circuit wired into your home or office. You’ll also be responsible for fans to cool the units and ensuring they are kept secure. This can be problematic since the machines get very hot and can be very noisy. The other option is to host with a colocation service. There are many located across North America with affordable prices. Some of these hosts specialize in services for Bitcoin miners and other cryptocurrency aficionados. With the help of QuoteColo, we can determine the best service for you with the features you want.


Best Avalon 821 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Quebec, Canada – $84/month

Alberta, Canada – $78/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $96/month

Tampa, Florida – $90/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $96/month

Oregon – $84/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $90/month

New York – $90/month

Austin, Texas – $102/month

Chicago, Illinois – $120/month


We are constantly adding new providers of colocation services, so this list is not comprehensive. Prices may change at times and we may add facilities whose prices are lower than the ones noted here. We also offer hosts across North America, as well as in Europe. To find out more about our huge database of providers and choose the right one for your needs, you can reach us at