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Bitcoin Mining Colocation

Bitcoin Mining Colocation
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Bitcoin mining colocation abd Bitcoin miner hosting

Bitcoin Mining Colocation


We Provide Free, No Obligation Mining Hosting Quotes From Miner Hosting Facilities in North America & Europe.  Send us your exact list of client owned miners and we will advise on the available colocation hosting options.

We also offer ASICs for sale and have the ability to order any type of miner hardware that you require.  

For immediate Bitcoin mining colocation and mining hosting options, scroll down to view our Buy/Host Packages & Fully Managed Mining Services.

Bitcoin Miner Colocation

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Mining Colocation Pricing

As an example, smaller mining clients with less than fifty ASIC miners can expect to pay 7 to 8.5 cents usd “all in” (space, power & bandwidth). Larger clients with hundreds/thousands of Whatsminer M30 and Antminer S19 miners can find rates starting at 6 cents usd “all in.” Pricing and availability change often. Contact us


Below are some of the best “all in” (includes space, power, and bandwidth) USD monthly hosting rates that we have identified for the most popular Antminer unit – Antminer S19 Pro 110TH. The Antminer S17 67TH  colocation option is no longer available. Please keep in mind that we can offer host pricing on all types of ASICs -Bitmain, MicroBt, Innosilicon, Goldshell, etc., and GPU rigs). MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity. Pricing and availability change often.


Colorado* – S17+ $125, S19 Pro $152 (MOQ 10)

Georgia (USA) – S17+ $130, S19 Pro $160 (MOQ 1)

Iowa S9 – S17 $115, S19 Pro $140 (MOQ 10)

Kentucky* – S17+ $120, S19 Pro $145 (MOQ 1)

Oregon – S17+ $120, S19 Pro $150 (MOQ 1)

Nebraska* – S17+ $125, S19 Pro $150 (MOQ 1)

Ohio – S17 $135, S19 Pro $160 (MOQ 1)

New York State* – S17+ $125, S19 Pro $150 (MOQ 1)

Pennsylvania* – S17+ $130, S19 Pro $155 (MOQ 1)

Texas – S17+ $125, S19 Pro $150 (MOQ 10)

Washington State – S17+ $135, S19 Pro $163 (MOQ 15)

BC, Canada* – S17+ $120, S19 Pro $145 (MOQ 5)

China* S17+ $106, S19 Pro $128 (MOQ 10)

Russia* – S17+ $106, S19 Pro $128 (MOQ 100)

* denotes that buy/host packages are available on site (no shipping or tariffs)
Larger volumes of 50+ ASICs will receive better discounts


Land & Power available for Bitcoin Mining Containers – USA & Canada 5 to 6.5¢ USD (pricing depends on MW, managed and unmanaged pricing available).

With the existing price changes in the Crypto Currency market,  ASIC hosting prices change on a daily basis based on volume, install time frame, etc. Please contact us directly for a custom quote and we will do our best to get you the most cost-effective quotes available in these hard times for making an ROI. Call 888-400-5732, text 617-640-0309 or email sales (at)

*Buy/Host Packages*

Bitcoin Mining Buy/Host Packages (Most Popular in 2021). Several of our mining host partners are now offering very simple Antminer S19 & S17 buy/host options. Avoid shipping, taxes, customs costs and get hashing immediately at some of the lowest power rates available. 2020 USD pricing below. Prices change often, please contact us for a custom quote.

Fort Worth, Texas

  • Buy Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon or Bolon ASIC BTC miners
  • 4.5 cents kwh all in
  • ONE TIME COST ONLY – all monthly fees come from Terahash
  • email for updated pricing and ROI calculator

New York State

  • Buy S19 95TH for $email and host for $185/month
  • Buy S17 60TH for $email and host for $154/month
  • MOQ 1
  • 12 month term
  • Quick install for S17 and M20 units


  • Buy S19 110TH for $ (contact us) and host for $180/month
  • Buy M30,M32, Avalon 1246 (contact us)
  • MOQ 1
  • Month to month
  • Quick install for S17 units

Colorado/South Carolina

  • Buy S19 95TH or 110TH for $ (contact us) and host for $180/month
  • Buy S17 67TH for $2650 and host for $145/month
  • MOQ 10
  • 12 month term
  • Quick install for S17 units


Fully Managed Mining Solutions*

Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining Hosting for Individuals and Institutions.

Guaranteed Terahash for 36 or 18 months

  • One time cost from $13.95 – $44.95/Th, MOQ 1,000Th
  • Monthly OPEX cost $1.69/Th
  • Management fee 10-15% based on volume
  • Fully managed 24 x7 support
  • Legal, tax & ROI guidance

Example pricing for 1,000Th (MOQ) – 18 month term

  • One time payment – $19,950 ($19.95 x 1,000Th)
  • Monthly OPEX cost for 18 months – $1,690 ($1.69 x 1,000Th). Monthly OPEX discount 15% when prepaid.
  • Expected to yield 2 Bitcoins over 18 months

Example pricing for 1,000Th (MOQ) – 36 month term

  • One time payment cost – $34,950 ($34.95 x 1,000Th)
  • Monthly OPEX cost for 36 months – $1,690 ($1.69 x 1,000Th). Monthly OPEX discount 15% when prepaid.
  • Expected to yield 3 Bitcoins over 36 months

Example pricing for 10,000Th – 18 month term

  • One time payment cost – $159,500 ($15.95 x 10,000Th)
  • Monthly OPEX cost for 18 months – $16,900 ($1.69 x 10,000Th)
  • Expected to yield 20 Bitcoins over 18 months

Example pricing for 10,000Th – 36 month term

  • One time payment cost – $254,500 ($25.45 x 10,000Th)
  • Monthly OPEX cost for 36 months – $16,900 ($1.69 x 10,000Th)
  • Expected to yield 30 Bitcoins over 18 months

Please contact us to receive a custom quote along with the updated brochure, and availability. Email



With the quickly changing price of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, more and more Bitcoin colocation miners are looking for cost-effective power and space in a Bitcoin mining facility. Bitcoin mining colocation hosting is a great option for miners because of the available on site power, cooling, rack space, security and Internet bandwidth. Finding a host it is not that easy. The most well-known national data centers such as Equinix, Digital Realty Trust, Global Switch, DuPont Fabros, TierPoint, etc., do not want to deal with miners because of the power fluctuations, cooling requirements and their budget expectations. Mining clients are left looking for qualified “mining farms” to host their gear at a cost-effective rate and finding a legitimate host is a very complicated process in this ever changing Crypto currency market place.

QuoteColo has been in business for 20+ years identifying the most cost effective and qualified data center colocation locations for our clients ranging from Fortune 500s to one man shops.  Our service is free and if one of our providers wins your business, they pay us a simple referral fee. With the rising demand of cryptocurrency miners looking for high density power, advanced cooling and secure space, we have discovered several legitimate providers in the US, Canada and in the EU that we consider “miner friendly.”

We sell used/new ASIC mining gear as well.


We are also a offering a great white paper titled “How Bitcoin Miners Adapt in a Bear Market.” If you would like to receive a free copy, just fill out our contact form above and write “Bear Market Whitepaper” in the requirements field.


We have successfully placed ASIC miners in AZ, CA, FL, GA, NY, NJ, OR VA, TX, UT, NV, WA, Toronto, Quebec & Montreal Canada and the in the United Kingdom (London).  For example:



Pricing samples are below (prices and quantities may change from the time of this writing).


Updated 1-29-2018:

  1. Wenatchee, Washington colocation provider offers packages starting from $60-$85/kwh. Space and capacity is very limited.
  2. Seattle, Washington miner colo offers $80/kwh rate for pre paid 6 month packages on standard Antminers and custom rigs.
  3. Another provider in Washington offers multiple high capacity data centers in Cashmere, Wenatchee and in Douglas County. Space and power available Q2-Q3 2018.
  4. Another Wenatchee Bitcoin friendly data centers offer starter plans from 9.75/kw an hour to larger plans that start at 7.50/kw an hour.
  5. Bothell, Washington miner host offers starter packages for $120/month per miner with no minimums and a 12 month term. They also offer a $115/month per miner package with 100KW minimum and 12 month term.
  6. Seattle, Washington provider will host standard Antminers and custom rigs.  Pricing starts at $150kw. Antminer S9 $206/month on 12 month term and $195/month on 24 month term.  Antminer L3 $128/month on 12 month term and $121/month on 24 month term.
  7. Another data center in Seattle offers starter package starts at $95/kw, mid size pricing for 50-200kw starts at $85/kw and  200+ kw starts at $70/kw.


One of the best deals in the United States we have seen is in Atlanta, GA, we have a provider that specializes in Bitcoin miner hosting that offers the following packages:

  • Antminer S9 – $95/mo, 1600 watts max
  • Antminer S7 – $90/mo, 1600 watts max
  • Antminer L3+ -$74/mo,1600 watts max
  • Avalon A421 -$70/mo, 1600 watts max



Another provider in Atlanta offers miner colocation rates –  S9, L3, D3 or similar device $100-120 per month with a $100 one-time setup fee. (space if filling up fast)


Another data center operator with Crypto mining facilities in both Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL has plenty of space and power for Antminers and GPU rigs. They offer some of the most competitive miner colo pricing in the Southeast with volume discounts.

1-99 Antminer S9s $120/month

100-499 Antminer S9s $110/month

500+ Antminer S9s $100/month


Also in Atlanta, we have a seasoned miner host with no minimums. New space and power will be available in May/June. They are taking reservations now at the following S9 all in rates – $125 (3 months in advance), $120 (6 months in advance) and $115 (12 months in advance).


In Las Vegas, NV, we have a traditional cloud and dedicated host who is now offering power and rack space for miners. Antminer S9 monthly all in rates start at $167/month.


Another Las Vegas data centers charges $175 -$200 per miner depending upon the volume.


In Central New York State, our Bitcoin data center offers all in KW pricing (discounted if you pay upfront) starting at $75 (12m), $80 (6m), $85 (3m) and $90 (1m). At the 75$ rate a hosted S9 using 1.45 kw costs $108.75/month but the full year must be paid in advance.


One of our New York State data centers offers this option (metered power)……Electric charge: $200 per maximum Kw demand in the month which is digitally recorded.  We install 10 to 12 Kw per cabinet. Cabinet charge: Included; doesn’t matter how much space the mining equipment takes.

Bandwidth: Included

Access to data center: 24 x 7, no notice required Contract term: Month to month


In the State of New Jersey, we have three “miner friendly” hosts with all in S9 pricing starting from $150 to $250 a month. Space and power are limited so please contact us directly for more details.



Another colocation in Dallas, TX  has offered the following to our miner clients:


Power:$936(2 x 208 volt 30 amp circuits)


Total:$1,255 / month

(approx six S9s will fit in a rack)


Other option in Dallas charges approx $160 a month for S9 colocation (no minimums)


In Austin, a traditional data center operator just opened up space for ASIC miner hosting. S9 $120 and L3+$88.


In Houston, TX we just sold a miner deal which was a full 80 sq ft suite 4 30amps 220v power whips and 10Mbps for $4000 a month.


They also offer full cab options

  • 42U, 20amps 220v -$800/mo and they just opened a new 10 sq ft to house miners at the approximate cost or $80/kw.

S9s would cost approx $130/month in Houston


The best deal we have found in Missouri is in Kansas City. With 3MW immediately available, this miner host charges $120 for an S9 and $77 for an L3+. No minimums and monthly contracts are available.


In Orlando, FL, a provider will host Antminer S9s for $135-$150/month (available space in Q2 or Q3 2018)


We have a couple ASIC miner hosting  friendly options in North Carolina. One outside of Raleigh that charges $225/month for S9s and one in Charlotte that offer all in Antminer S9 pricing at $175/month with a one time install if $150 per unit. In Charlotte, both Phase 1 and 2 were 500 kw outlays and were sold out within 4 weeks and the next phase will be ready in March 2018 with 1.5 MW. Other options in North Carolina that recently just opened (miner hosting only and the pricing starts at $109/S9.


In Indiana and Illinois, we have a colocation provider that charges approximately $130 per S9 (includes space, power and Internet) with plenty of availability.


In late May/early June, we expect to have 3MW in the State of Idaho. S9 $119 (3 months in advance) or $109 (12 months in advance).


Another Crypto miner hosting just recently built a facility in South Bend, IN and is offering Antminers S9 all in pricing at $117/month with a 300 miner minimum. Space and power will be available in June 2018.


In the State of Oregon, we have a Bitcoin miner host who has 1MW available at the following USD all in rates – S9 $99 and L3+ $87 (24 miner minimum).


In Canada, we have miner colocation options in Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. 


Our Alberta ASIC miner host offers container colocation at very cost effective rates. All in rates – S9 $91 and L3+ $69 (USD)


Our Quebec 100,000 square foot Bitcoin miner colocation site will be available in April 2018 for $70US per kW. Installation is approximately equivalent to one month fee. Popular Antminer units such the S9 will cost $130US/month all in (includes space, power and cooling.) with a ten miner minimum.  We expect this facility to be sold out by the end of April so act fast.


Our Milton, Ontario (near Toronto) Bitcoin data center is available now at $145US KW rate. Installation is approximately equivalent to one month fee. Popular Antminer units such the S9 cost $229US/month all in (includes space, power and cooling.) with no miner minimums. We have several other data centers in the greater Toronto area that will host your mining gear. Pricing ranges from $200 to $300US a month “all in.”


In Toronto, we have a Crypto host that charges $175 per S9s (no minimums). We have also have a container miner host that offers the following all in rates in USD – S9 $128 and L3+ $96.


Our Montreal mining data center is tier 3 data center that primarily focuses on traditional colocation and dedicated server clients. They have put some space and power aside for mining equipment and are ready to do business, Popular Antminer S9s will cost approximately $250/month with no miner minimums.


Another Montreal Bitcoin facility charges $105US per KW plus a $40 one install. An S9 at 1.45kw will cost $153/month all in.


Our Vancouver mining facility charges $150/month “all in” for Antminer S9 with a $90 one time set up fee per miner.


In Calgary, a ASIC hosting compay just announced (April 2018) the following promotional Antminer hosting rates (all in, USD) – S9 $99, L3+ $53, D3 $67, A3 $85 and X3 $36 with a free install if you agree to a 12m term. This space and power will go fast.


In London, we have a colo that just sold the following miner colo deals……

  • 4MW contracted over 2 Years which is a $280k/month (US Dollar) contract.
  • 10 Miners at 1.4kW per miner at contracted value of £1399.58 (GB Sterling) per month.


In the Netherlands near Amsterdam, we have a miner colo that charges $90-110 EUR per KW depending upon volume commit. Antminer S9s will cost approximately $155/EU a month.


For miners with 100,300, & 500+ Antminers, we offer unique Bitcoin mining container options. Custom built Bitcoin containers are mini data centers that are prebuilt with the necessary infrastructure (racks, cooling and electric wiring) and transported to prearranged location(s) that offer natural cooling and cost-effective electricity. Additional options include – Antminer sourcing, 24×7 on site technical help, customer service staff, long term lease land and power negotiations, networking, etc.



Placements currently in the pipeline for colocation Bitcoin miner hosting across the globe.

  • 13 S9 miners and CPU/GPU NY was primary but MD, VA, NC, and GA are optional. Available shared office space in same building.
  • Colocation of 5 Bitmain Antminer s9s. Im located in Toronto, Canada or USA
  • Looking for hosting for 30 S9 miners for ASAP deployment with immediate large scale – 600 S9s at 1500W.
  • Seeking placement of 1 S9 in Pinellas County, Florida
  • Sourcing bulk pricing from local LA colocation providers for 200-500 Antminer S9 units.
  • Seeking colocation that is cryptocurrency friendly preferably in Northern California
  • The client needed hosting for 12 AntMiner S9s. Each has its own APW3++ power supply, so I will need 220-240V power supply for each unit. Ideal location is eastern Nashville, TN, or Knoxville.
  • 200 S9 machines shipped from China and I want to start mining in Canada.
  • 2x L3+ loacted in NYC
  • Looking for hosting of 10 x S9. I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 500 S9 Antminers and 200 L3+ Antminers in Quebec, Canada
  • Two racks in Los Angeles for custom GPU rigs, each rack requires 80amp 208v power