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NYC Colocation Pricing

1U, 1Amp 120v, /29 & 100Mbps burst to GIGe – $55/month

2U, 2Amp 120v, /29 & 100Mbps burst to GIGe – $75/month

10U, 10Amp 120v, /27 & 100Mbps burst to GIGe – $300/month

20U, 20Amp 120v, /26 & 100Mbps burst to GIGe – $500/month

48U, 30Amp 220v A&B, /26 & 100Mbps burst to GIGe – $800/month


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With the rise of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads along with the need for high-density colocation solutions, many New York and New Jersey colocation data centers offer racks with custom cooling with rack power densities up to 80kW. Companies can choose high kW rack solutions with custom cooling for their high-performance servers and GPUs while seeing better performance, reduced operational risks and lower monthly costs.

Colocation New York (NYC) is a popular option for East Coast companies looking for an outsourced data center solution for their critical IT infrastructure. When shopping for NYC colocation, clients need to consider several factors when making a decision. To begin with, make sure the colocation provider offers redundant power and that their data center provides diverse power paths into the facility. Along with power, make sure the provider has adequate and redundant cooling capabilities within their data center network as well. The NYC data center should also offer multiple and redundant Internet bandwidth from several Tier 1 telecom providers. A qualified New York City colocation data center should have tight physical and network security as well. To view a comprehensive list of things to look for, please check out our top 10 tips to finding a colocation provider.

We offer direct quotes from the following data center locations in New York:

  • 325 Hudson St
  • 111 8th Ave
  • 60 Hudson Ave
  • 75 Broad St
  • 32 6th Ave
  • 882 3rd Ave (Brooklyn)
  • 15 Enterprise Ave
  • 32 Avenue of Americas
  • 33 Whitehall St
  • 395 Hudson St
  • 211 W 61st St
  • 65 Broadway
  • 25 Broadway
  • 7 Teleport Dr
  • 40 Wall St
  • 150 Varick St
  • 100 Williams St
  • 811 10th Ave
  • 85 10th Ave
  • 121 Varick St

Our New York colocation providers offer the following colocation services:

  • Per U rack space (U is the thickness of the server and is approximately 1.75”)
  • Tower server colocation
  • ¼ open rack space
  • 1/3 open and secure rack/cabinet space
  • ½ open and secure rack/cabinet space
  • Full open and secure cabinets
  • Private cages and custom suites

Along with space, the New York colocation providers offer a variety of power options. Here are some of the more typical power options:

  • 20a 110v or 208v
  • 30a 110v or 208v
  • A/B power feeds for redundancy
  • Metered power

‘Colocation NYC’ data centers offer a variety of Internet bandwidth options as well. Our New York data centers offer their own blended brand of BGP bandwidth from top rated tier 1 telecom providers like ATT, Level 3, Century Link, Savvis, Cogent and XO Communications.  Typically clients will be provisioned a 100Mbps handoff, and they will be billed on the industry standard of 95th percentile. Unmetered 100Mbps connections in New York are very hard to find. Bandwidth pricing in the North East has remained high in comparison with other parts of the country, and because of this most of the New York colocation providers will not offer unmetered connections.

When looking for colocation in NYC, many New York based companies and especially financial organizations require specific industry compliances when picking a colocation provider. SSAE16 is the most comprehensive specification that is being requested lately. Some New York Colocation data centers have met this compliance, while others have not met it yet. Make sure to ask your sales representative for a copy of their company’s SSAE16 audit report.