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Antminer S19 Pro

Antminer S19 Pro
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Antminer S19 Pro For Sale (Updated January 2021)

We have immediate Antminer S19 95TH and S19 Pro 110TH units available in USA, China and Malaysia for shipping. Antminer S19 pricing starts at $6999 USD and S19 Pro pricing starts at $7999 USD. Prices vary based on ship date, availability and volume. 

Antminer S19 prices CHANGE OFTEN. For an updated S19 inventory and custom price quote, please contact us via the methods below:

  • email sales (at)
  • text 617-640-0309
  • call 888-400-5732
  • submit form above

Our Antminer S19 units are available from the most reliable and legitimate suppliers in the World. We are a no cost referral service and we will source you direct quotes via email.

We also offer cost effective Antminer S19 hosting rates starting at .045 cents “all in.”

Several of our mining host partners are offering very simple S19 buy/host options. Avoid shipping, taxes, and tariffs and get hashing immediately at some of the lowest power rates available. You own the miner and when you are done mining the host will ship it back to you. Prices change daily so please contact us directly.

New York State

  • Buy S19 95TH for $7000 USD and host for $165/month
  • Buy S19 Pro 110TH for $8000 USD and host for $165/month
  • Buy S17 60TH for $2800 USD and host for $104/month
  • MOQ 1
  • 12 month term
  • Immediate start date expected


  • Buy S19 Pro 110TH for $6999 USD and host for $130/month
  • MOQ 10
  • Month to month
  • Immediate start date expected


  • Buy S19 110TH for $ (contact us) and host for $140/month
  • MOQ 1
  • Month to month
  • Immediate start date expected


  • Buy S19 95TH or 110TH for $ (contact us) and host for $145/month
  • MOQ 10
  • 12 month term
  • Immediate start date expected


Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining Hosting for Individuals and Institutions

  • 100% turnkey solution for clients who want to mine without the operational obstacles and challenges (buying miners, hosting, downtime, miner issues, etc.).
  • 100% uptime, 24/7 support, market insights, tax and legal guidance. Day to day statistics on profitability and ROI.
  • ROI if a client was to invest $25k in BTC today (12-17-20) they would receive ~1.1BTC; whereas, if they purchased a mining contract they would earn ~7.0BTC over 36 months (calculated assuming a 2% difficulty increase every time there is a difficulty adjustment).
  • Ask us for a client statement with the name removed. You will see at the close of November 2020 (10 months of mining) the client has made ~100% of his investment back. As of today (12-17-20) he still has 26 months left of his contract to mine and generate profit.

If you are interested in this type of solution, please send us an email/or call and we send you additional information and a custom quote. $20,000 minimum investment to start. 500TH+ packages available at @ $39.95 per TH.





About the Antminer S19 & S19 Pro

Both units will be released in May of 2020.The Antminer S19 95TH model from Bitmain mines SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 95TH/s and runs on 3250 watts of power. The more efficient, Antminer S19 Pro 110TH mines SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 110TH/s on 3250 watts of power (same amount as the S19). Because of its efficiency, the S19 Pro is more expensive. Both units take advantage of a new chip set to better improve efficiency compared to previous models such as the Antminer S17 and S17 Pro.

With the recent price of Bitcoin around $6000 and prior to the halving, miners will need to find a cost effective electrical rate to achieve profitability.

Antminer S19 Positives

  • Produced by Bitmain one of the most well known and reliable miner manufactures in the industry.
  • Highest TH & power efficiency rates available compared to older models.
  • PSU included.


Antminer S19 Negatives

  • Hard to find in North America.
  • Expensive compared to previous Bitmain Antminers.
  • Not 100% proven in the market place yet.


If you need a bitcoin mining hosting for your Antminer S19 Pro and S19 Pro units, we can assist. We offer host partners with rates from 5 to 6.5 cents USD all over the United States, Canada and in the EU. All in pricing (rack space, cooling, power and Internet) ranges from $135 to $150 USD per unit a month. Better hosting rates available for miners with 1MW of miners (ie) 300 S19 units. Please contact us for more details.