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Thanks for getting back in touch and checking on things here.

Our AWS hosting costs were out of this World and you found us a reliable solution and partner. We short-listed three very competent IT/AWS consulting firms from your service.

Thanks again for the help.

Noel Frattasio

IT Director – FSN Services Co.


Hey Bob,

I wanted to write a note and to say thank you for being awesome. You’ve been providing a great service and you’ve been really cool with me.

I plan to stick with you for a very long time for all my datacenter and telecom needs.

Thanks again,





“Discovering QuoteColo has really simplified my co-location shopping process.  Before, I would spend many hours researching and emailing potential providers. Now, I just sit back and allow QuoteColo to connect me with a hosting provider who can meet my requirements for a fantastic price.  Thanks for setting up this awesome service!”

David W.,


Thanks for checking.

I really want to thank you – there was no way for me to find these individual Bitcoin mining hosting services and providers and get competitive quotes for my requirements.

I have a short list, I will let you know which one I go with. To start, I may only go with a 2U space and then increase after I feel comfortable working with them.


Samudray, Owner

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that your service worked for us without a hitch. In the past, I have always felt as though I did not shop our colo business around enough to ensure we got the best deal. It was just so much work to contact each provider individually and get a sense of prices. You made it easy and got us a great deal on what we were after.

Mike U, IT Director

Bob, first I would like to thank you and say that the response was magnificent! Not only was I able to compare “providers”, but I was also able to obtain valuable information about the industry.

Thank you,
Bruce L, MIS

Bob, thank you for an incredible serviceful service. I am extremely glad I used your service, and I will certainly use the other services you offer.


Juan P, Owner

Thanks again for the help. What an awesome service. We’re looking to go geo-redundant with a place on the east coast. I think I’ll use QuoteColo again. Honestly, in terms of finding a DC to fit our needs this has been the easiest process to date. I really appreciate the service.

Rory, Sys Admin

Many people contacted us. We went with Zerolag. QuoteColo was helpful because I was able to get the service in the data center of my choice. I was tired of going to each datacenter’s website and submitting an inquiry.

Bob, I received a few quotes for co-location hosting; both local to my geographic area and farther away than we cared to travel. All that ere referred to me were very knowledgeable and experienced and provided the information I needed.

At this time we haven’t decided to move from our existing co-lo site or not. Using QuoteColo saved me the time of searching out the vendors.

Thank you,
Dean, Operations

Yes, I’ve received quite a few offers. Gipnetworks, colo4dallas, and virtbiz stood out the most and I am still in the process of deciding who to go with.

Thank you for making the search much easier for me! I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Joe F

Thank you very much for helping us find providers for this type of service. i will highly recommend this to other professionals seeking colocation and other telecomm services.

Don M, Technology Mgr

We have received a number of quotes from various providers thanks to your service. At this time it appears we may have found a suitable vendor to host our servers. QuoteColo is an enormously helpful service and it was hard to believe how many companies contacted us within days of our request.

Ryan M, System Administrator


Thanks so much for your service! Being as busy as we are anyway – was an invaluable way to connect with pre-qualified colocation providers! We are very happy with Necessary Resources and since we were at our previous location for 7+ years before they went out of business, we hope to stay put for many years to come!

Scott & Shannon H, Internet Consultants

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your help. Your service is so helpful to people like us. Instead of contacting every individual company you make our job so easy. I already received 3 quotes. Looking forward to more..

Prashanth, Owner


I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you and thank you for the overwhelming response.

I cannot say enough; in just the past week or two, we have been contacted by at least 6 vendors, giving us, not only
competitive pricing, but great insight into the industry’s standards and pricing models.

I’ve already recommended your services to a number of colleagues.

Thank you again and Kind Regards,

Hello Lisa,

Yes, we have received many replies from different providers, and actually I must say we were very impressed by the quality of the service provided by

We submitted our request without much hope of receiving relevant replies, since we require a custom configuration which is usually not provided by many of the datacenters we have been customers of. Not only we received specific and relevant replies, but I realized most of them were actually from real persons who had understood our requirements and not from automated pre-made speeches.

Best regards,
Joaquin S, Director of Operations

Thanks for your email. I’ve heard from several companies in Dallas, and a couple in the Raleigh area. You were right that prices in Dallas seem to be much lower — that was extremely valuable advice! There is considerable variation in the pricing structures used by the different companies.

I’ll let you know which I end up using. Again, thanks to you and to everyone at QuoteColo for your help.

Lyman O

Hi Lisa,

Our process is complete. We did not pick a provider; rather we retained our in house data center facilities.

Thank you for the follow-up and also a terrific service. It was very helpful in putting us in contact with several good providers.

Kevin S, Sr. Operations Analyst

Thank you, for the services offered it really helps find qualified hosts in a timely manner. I will be sure to refer friends and
family to you at as you all really did a good job holding up with your service.

Thank you, once again.
S2B, Chief Executive Officer: Agron A


I was very pleased with the response and timeframe of the responses from 5 different providers. As we go through the responses and define our basic criteria, we will select individual providers to contact and refine their initial quotations.

Thanks and we are very pleased with your service.

Kes J

Thanks for all your help, I was amazed at how many offers I received, you’ve definitely made this process a lot easier than it could have been; thank you.

A few stand out so far, but unfortunately I’m only able to work on this in my spare time which is limited. I’ll hopefully have it narrowed down more in the next 2-3 weeks.

Sean, IT Director

Hi Lisa,

I am impressed, this is the best response I ever got and am able to make an informed decision.

Best regards,
Jude O


Thanks for the follow up. I did get a lot of quotes through your partners, and have to admit it made my process of
selection very easy and saved me a lot of time.

I have made my decision on a provider and things are underway to make sure I can deploy my server as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank you for your assistance and commend you on the great service you are providing. All the quotes I received from you partners were very competitive and their staff was very prompt and cordial.

Sid A, Data Center Manager

I apologize for the delay in responding. Although we decided to stay with our current carrier we were very impressed and appreciative of your service.

We received several quotes which were very attractive and if we ever need collocation services we will use you again. We have also referred your service to associates looking for collocation services.

J Theodore B Jr., Owner


Your partner providers have been very responsive with multiple offers and some requotes on altered specs. Right now, all are in the same ballpark in terms of pricing. The final decision which is expected within a couple of weeks will determine the number of locations, specific locations and providers.

Thanks for your assistance and valued service.

Joel A


We have decided to remain in place for now… thanks for your interest .. we had great response and very professional attention from every potential candidate.  I wont hesitate to contact you in the future.


L. Sanders Thompson, SIOR