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Long Island Colocation

Long Island Colocation
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Long Island Colocation

As one of the New York metro areas, Long Island is home to a variety of industries and offers numerous options for colocation services. You can find Long Island colocation providers through QuoteColo. We provide you with access to companies that offer critical IT functions as well as other types of data outsourcing. QuoteColo believes in working with the best data center operators all over the country. Because of this, we can match you with the right Long Island colocation facility that offers exemplary service at an affordable rate.

No Cost Services – When you choose the services of QuoteColo, you will enjoy something very special: quality options at no cost to you. QuoteColo specializes in offering direct colocation pricing quotes from area Long Island colocation providers. You will have all the information you need to make the right decision for free.

No Obligation Options – When you turn to QuoteColo, you will be under no obligation to make any decisions. We offer our no-cost services so that you can find the right Long Island colocation facility that will offer all of the services that your business could need for web hosting and critical colocation.

Here are listings for the colocation providers available in Long Island:

  • 131 Hoffman Lane
  • 140 Hoffman Lane
  • 47 Mall Drive
  • 449 Route 25A Suite 116
  • 21 Bennett Road
  • 680 Walt Whitman Road
  • Tec Street
  • 71 Clinton Road
  • 501 Franklin Avenue
  • 32 Avenue of the Americas

Long Island is actually a metropolitan area that encompasses several cities and townships. Containing two boroughs of New York – Brooklyn and Queens, Long Island is a busy area with numerous different types of technology. Both major airports in the area are located on the island as well.

Numerous different business facilities are located on Long Island, including Computer Associates, Northrop Grunman Aircraft, Fairchild, Republic, Curtiss, Motorola Mobility, and Symbol Technologies.

Because there are so many high-tech, international headquarters in Long Island, there is a definite need for colocation. The establishment of corporation in the area means QuoteColo can help you. If you need to outsource a data center or critical IT systems, then QuoteColo will provide you with the services you require. You don’t have to do a thing but choose the right Long Island colocation facility. Just call us at 888-400-5732 or you can fill out the form on the website so that we can contact you with more information about our services.