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Salt Lake City Colocation

Salt Lake City Colocation
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Q4 2019 Promotional Pricing – 42U Cabinet, 40Amp 110v power, 100Mbps, & 24/7 free reboots. $699/month & free install. To take advantage of this limited offer, fill out the form above and type “Utah 649” in the Requirements field. Other promotional pricing is available as well for per U space, 1/4 racks, 1/2 racks and private cages. Please contact us directly for a custom price quote.

With the rise of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads causing a demand for high-density colocation solutions, many colocation providers offer racks with advanced cooling with rack power densities up to 85kW. Instead of using racks with limited power of 2kW, clients can choose high kW rack solutions with front and rear door cooling and direct-to-chip cooling for their high-performance GPUs. Utilizing a high-density colocation allows for maximized performance, reduced operational risks and overall costs.

At QuoteColo, our job is helping people with colocation needs find those who can meet them. Salt Lake City colocation providers are abundant, thanks to the vast majority of the state’s business all being done in or around the city limits. If you are in need of Salt Lake City colocation services, give us a call (888-400-5732) or submit our simple form online and we’ll be in contact right away. Services we can provide Salt Lake City businesses are as follows.

Obligation-free Consulting—We have fifteen years of experience in this industry and it doesn’t cost us a thing to share some of it with you. Contact us today and let us know why your company needs colocation services and what exactly you are looking for in a supplier.

Matching You with a Business—Once we hear about your business and what its needs are, we can use our national experience to supply you with a list of Salt Lake City colocation providers who meet the criteria you set forth and are within your budget.

Best Salt Lake City Colocation Pricing – Our service will source you the best Salt Lake City Colocation pricing available.

Here are just some of the many SLC area colocation facilities we can help you contact.

•136 South Temple Street
•572 South Delong Street
•179 Social Hall Ave.
•200 S. 100 E.
•14944 Pony Express Dr.
•51 East 400 S.
•6340 S. 3000 E.
•572 S. Delong St.
•333 S. 520 W.

Salt Lake City is not just the capital of Utah, but by far its most populated city. Though it’s only 189,314, the metropolitan area around it is 1,175,905. The city was famously founded by Brigham Young, amongst others, in 1847. It gets its name from the Great Salt Lake nearby.

The city is the biggest industrial banking center in the entire country. Being the Crossroads of the West means Salt Lake City sees plenty of freight traffic and is home to numerous regional centers like Dannon Yogurt and Sysco. This, plus Utah’s increasing growth, means there will be plenty of colocation suppliers for QuoteColo to consider when helping you meet your need. Contact us today and we’ll begin finding the right company for you.