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Vancouver Data Center

Vancouver Data Center
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When choosing a Vancouver data center you’ll find several alternatives in the area. QuoteColo will provide you with the details and information about each of the choices so you can make a fact-based decision that makes the most sense for your company. Whether you require cloud hosting, server hosting, or on-site space you’ll find a complete selection of choices to pick from.

Best Vancouver Data Center Choices

TW Telecom
4317 NE Thurston Way
Vancouver, WA 98662

TW Telecom is a Vancouver data center that provides a full range of products and services for Bitcoin miner hosting businesses. Their offerings include colocation, IP and managed services, voice, Ethernet, and security. No matter your needs, TW Telecom will put together a custom package that will encompass your current and future data needs.

Weberz Hosting
22414 N.E. Townsend Way
Fairview, OR 97024

Weberz Hosting is a high tech data center that specializes in colocation. To meet your needs, Weberz has a systems in place to ensure reliability. Power to the data center is backed up using generators and critical equipment is also backed up using UPS power. A fully controlled HVAC makes sure equipment is kept at an optimal temperature and humidity year round. The facility utilizes a closed circuit security system and uses card scanners. All systems are monitored 24/7 and local staff is available to resolve any problems quickly.

SunGard Availability Services
1233 NW 12th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

Just 15 minutes from Vancouver, SunGard offers a full service colocation service including full infrastructure management with no down time. They offer dependable, affordable network, storage, security, monitoring, and OS management options to meet the needs of every business.

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