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Oklahoma Bitcoin Mining Hosting QuoteColo is a no cost referral service and we offer ASIC miner and miner hosting pricing in Oklahoma and other parts of North America. All in hosting pricing from 6 to 8.5 cents. Pricing and availability change often. Our most popular mining options are below: 1) Our partner mining hosts offer ASIC miner buy/host options with next generation miners – S19, S19 Pro, M20, M30, M31, A1246, A10, Z15, etc. You buy the miner directly from the host and they will install it in their mining facility and get you connected. Monthly hosting rates around 6.5c to 9c kwh all in.  When you are done mining, they will send the miner back to you. 2) Fully managed Bitcoin mining from $41.95/Terahash (Th).  Instead of buying/hosting miners, you purchase guaranteed Oklahoma bitcoin mining Th for 36 months. The service offers 100% uptime guarantee, 24 x 7 support, client performance reports, along with ROI and profitability guidance. Minimum order quantity of 500Th from $41.95/Th. Monthly OpEx cost of $1.69/Th. Management fee 10 to 15%. 500Th packages estimated to earn 2 to 2.5 BTC. Contact us for an updated brochure. 3) Buy/sell miners. We offer new/used ASIC miners for sale and they can be shipped to your preferred location. Pricing and availability get updated daily. Our main goal is to get you in touch with reliable miner suppliers at a competitive price. We offer both wholesale pricing and single unit pricing. 4) Colocation Hosting for client owned next generation miners. Pricing from 5.5 to 8.5 cents kwh all in for 1MW+. For less than 1MW allocations, we have a few listed options on our miner pricing sheet as well. 5) Mining containers for sale. 12 ft inter connectable mini pod containers that will house up to 70 next gen miners from $25k. 15ft (100 S19), 20ft (198 S19) and 40ft (396 S19) container pricing and availability upon request. 6) Mining Farms for sale. Physical buildings and container deployment options. 100MW+ opportunities. Oklahoma City might be synonymous with the oil industry, but today, it is home to just about every industry you can imagine, including tech companies and cryptocurrency mining pools. The robust infrastructure here is one thing that attracts these firms, and bitcoin miners are particularly happy with the low energy costs. Kansas as a whole pays an average of just 7.66 cents per kWh for commercial power, while the nation’s average is over 10 cents per kWh.   However, for bitcoin miners hoping to discover new blocks and build their wealth, power is just one consideration. You also need a secure location for your mining rig, and that means working with an Oklahoma City bitcoin mining colocation provider. How do you choose the right company for your needs, though? It can be a difficult process, but we’ve done the hard work for you and sorted through all of the options for mining colocation in Oklahoma City.   Oklahoma City Crypto Mining Provider #1: Located just west of I235 and north of I40, this bitcoin mining facility offers rack cabinets, dedicated servers and virtual servers. If you have an existing mining rig, the facility will host it, as well. Automatic fire suppression, redundant power and cooling, and four backbone connection options are among the benefits here. The average cost is $115 per KW.   Oklahoma City Crypto Mining Provider #2: This bitcoin mining facility offers 24/7 security and customer service personnel, as well as cages, racks and even office space. No suites are offered, though. The facility spans 15,000 square feet of raised floor space, and has a power rating of 150 watts per square foot. Costs here average $120 per KW.   Oklahoma City Crypto Mining Provider #3: This Oklahoma City bitcoin mining colocation provider offers suites, cages and rack cabinets. It spans over 7,000 square feet, and features complete temperature and humidity control, as well as redundant power supplies and multiple fiber connections. Rates average $130 per KW.   Oklahoma City Crypto Mining Provider #4: Located not far from Highway 3, this Oklahoma City bitcoin mining colocation provider offers 24/7 security, redundant power and cooling, and 4,000 square feet of raised floor space. Costs run about $130 per KW.   Oklahoma City Crypto Mining Provider #5: Finally, this cryptocurrency colocation provider offers Seismic 2 and FEMA Zone 4 compliance, as well as being able to provide cages, suites, rack cabinets and office space. Choose from dedicated or virtual servers, or host your own mining rig here and protect it with redundant power and cooling. Costs run about $115 per KW.   There are plenty of options available when it comes to Oklahoma City bitcoin mining colocation providers. The list above is just a small sampling of your choices. We can help ensure that you are able to make an informed decision based on your needs and your budget. We invite you to use the form on this page to get in touch with us, or call us directly at 888-400-5732. Feel free to email for more information as well – Sales @